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Let's Play Pokemon Blue - Randomized Nuzlocke Pt.2

Updated on July 30, 2015
Pokemon owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.
Pokemon owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source


  1. What is a randomized game? A Pokemon randomizer is a tool used to quite literally randomize elements of the particular game. Most common changes include random starter options, wild encounters, and trainers' pokemon. In addition to these, this play through will include randomized items and TMs found along the story of the game.
  2. What is a Nuzlocke? The nuzlocke challenge is a self-imposed set of rules intended to increase the level of difficulty faced while playing a Pokemon game. This rules are seen to encourage players to use Pokemon they would otherwise never consider, and also create closer bonds to the player's partners. Rules implemented for this challenge:
  • Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead and must immediately be released or stored permanently in the PC.
  • Only the first wild encounter in a specific area can be captured. Dupes Clause - Optional clause allowing the player to ignore duplicates of already captured Pokemon.
  • All Pokemon must be nicknamed.

Last Time

When we last left off, we were finishing up things around Viridian City. After having been gifted our starter, AngryPhish the Gyarados, and playing delivery boy with Oak's Parcel, the journey officially began. Given the opportunity for four encounters between Pallet and Viridian, along with directly surrounding areas. Each was caught and the team as we took the first steps into Viridian Forest is as stands:

AngryPhish - Gyarados

Charlie - Rhydon

Arya - Cubone

Rhaegar - Charmeleon

Fisticuffs - Mankey


Viridian Forest

Serving as the dreaded, poison-filled route between Viridian and Pewter, the forest serves as our next leg of the journey. It is in here that we received our latest encounter, Fisticuffs, and is also we you really begin to battle other trainers.

There are a few items to snag, not that I gained anything of use, but the real draw here is the opportunity for a few trainer battles. Granted they are all Bug Catchers, but thanks to the randomizer their lineups are slightly upgraded and offer more experience than the usual caterpie and Weedle.

It is remarkably refreshing to make a run through Viridian Forest without facing bug after bug after bug. With several position swaps and switching, the entire team managed to level out at Lv11 as we found the exit to the route.

Pewter City

Finally made it to the next town, this one in particular claiming the first gym we can officially challenge. Right off the bat, there isn't really anything to do in Pewter. There's the museum in the northern section of town and the gym itself. Basically all the attraction Pewter has to offer.

Before you can continue along to the next route, some kid thinks he can force you to earn the Boulder Badge first because freedom isn't a thing in Kanto it seems.

W/E, off to find Brock anyway~


Gym Battle: Pewter

Pewter City homes the beginning gym of the region and focuses on Rock types. When you enter the building, you'll only find a single trainer standing between you and the leader, and this battle is completely optional. I would recommend taking advantage of the free experience though, especially in the cause of a nuzlocke.


"I'm Brock! I'm Pewter's Gym Leader!

I believe in rock hard defense and determination! That's why my Pokemon are all the Rock-type!

Do you still want to challenge me? Fine then! Show me your best!"


Needing Fisticuffs to gain Exp quickly to get a better move set in order, I lead with him. Brock's first Pokemon winds up being a Lv12 Gloom. After spending a turn to see how Fist may manage, I found it best to make the switch over to Rhaegar and that was that.

Lv.12 Gloom vs. Lv.11 Fisticuffs --> Switch --> Lv.11 Rhaegar

Next up came a Lv14 Articuno, and this is where I messed up pretty badly.. To start, I tagged Rhaegar out in exchange for AngryPhish(Expecting Dragon Rage to handle things). After a turn, Phish took about 60-65% damage and I was forced to switch. This is where I made the bonehead mistake of bring out Charlie. Next turn down goes Charlie.. Rhaegar makes another appearance and claims the revenge kill to finish the match.

Lv.14 Articuno vs. Lv.11 AngryPhish --> Switch --> Lv.11 Charlie(KO) --> Lv.11 Rhaegar


Having defeated Brock and earned the Boulder Badge, we gained the ability to use Flash outside of battle, TM34(Fury Swipes), and both AngryPhish and Rhaegar leveled up to Lv12.

Route 3

Shiny new badge in-hand, Pewter City is a done deal at this point, so after a brief trip to the PokemonCenter to heal up and deposit out first loss, it is off to the eastern exit of town to hit Route 3.

One of the top details of this area is the number of trainers available to grind against. Got trainers on trainers on trainers. Not much else to note here outside of a lovely new encounter, along with the next area's encounter..


New Recruits

Name: Mr.Rodgers

Species: Drowzee

Lv: 7

Location: Route 3





Name: Gronk

Species: Machamp

Lv: 7

Location: Mt. Moon


- Karate Chop (So stupid it's a normal move this gen..)

- Low Kick

- Leer

These asshats..
These asshats.. | Source

Mt. Moon

And now we find ourselves at on of my personally least favorite locations in Kanto, Mt. Moon. As you have seen, out encounter for the area wound up being Gronk the Machamp, not even bad in my opinion.

Now what to know when tackling this cave.

  1. Lots of trainers (Lots of Exp)
  2. Lots of items (Randomized items is life<3)
  3. A wild Team Rocket appeared!
  4. Jurassic Park, Kanto Edition (Pick a fossil)


Now I won't go into detail over each and every battle, so here is a brief summary of the items obtained via exploring each corner available.

TM19(Bonemerang), Repel, Fresh Water, Max Ether, Potion, Thunderstone, TM32(Waterfall), Ether, Lemonade, Helix Fossil (~Praise Helix~), TM43(Thrash)

One thing to note is with the randomized TMs throughout the game, random pokemon can learn moves they wouldn't normally. i.e. Most of the team can learn Bonemerang, and I believe each member was able to learn Waterfall.

Cheep, sure, but it's lovely nonetheless ;)


Now, I believe that will do for part 2. Next time Cerulean City will take the helm.

But first, time to nab one more quick encounter ~

... | Source

Name: Wut?

Species: Seel

Lv: 10

Location: Route 4


- Headbutt



Having earned out first badge, gained a few new encounters, conquered Mt. Moon, rekt Team Rocket, nabbed some nice TMs, snagged a Helix Fossil, and made it to Cerulean City, it was quite an eventful chapter in this journey. Have to love seeing those levels rise from the start of the episode to the end. Keep those trainers coming imo<3

Next Time: We tackle Cerulean and the events transpiring around it. Next badge coming soon? New encounters? Obama makes another appearance?


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