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Let's play Darksiders

Updated on November 23, 2010

Darksiders game is a single player action adventure, I put it in the same box as Devil may cry 3 and 4. In my opinion this is a good game if you like puzzles good looking combat and characters, I enjoyed it playing very much. During the game you control a character named War, he is the one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse which I think it's pretty cool. Four horsemen are warriors of charred council who preserve balance between good and evil and they are neither good nor evil but above all. The gameplay is great and the game itself is pretty big with cool boss encounters and it's pretty hard if you decide to play it on normal difficulty. The story is pretty poor though, not as an idea but as you advance through the game there are no amazing twists of the story and is pretty predictable of what's going to happen. All in all the game is pretty enjoyable and If you liked Devil may cry or Prototype then you will enjoy this one aswell.


After thousands of years of truce between the two kingdom of heaven and hell the Charred coucil foresees that the final apocalyptic battle will be on earth and that the kingdom of men will be destroyed. Armies of demons and angels fall to the earth as a meteor shower apparently to fight the last war. War is summoned to Earth to bring order and to restore the truce, but after the fight with Abbadon, Straga the demon drags Abbadon to hell and the horseman War discovers that the seventh seal wasn't broken and that he shouldn't be summoned and he also discovers that the other Horsemen weren't summoned. War fights Straga and Straga defeats him so he is brought to the Charred council for trial, they accused him that he brought the Apocalypse to the Earth and sentence him to death but War asks to make things right and to find the one responsible so the Charred council accepts that. War is stripped of his powers and starts his journey to the earth to vanquish the one called Destroyer. In his quest War will regain his powers and weapons he lost and he will reunite with his horse.


The game is in a third person perspective, as you advance through the game solving puzzles and defeating your enemies you unlock new areas in which you gain your armor weapon and abilities. There is a soul system which allows you to purchase new abilities or upgrade existing ones from a demon. Each area contains a series of environment based puzzles where you need to jump, climb, swim and move objects in order to progress through the area. At beginning war is limited to use sword "Chaoseater" but he will get new weapons and each weapon has series of different combos and abilities. Along with combos there are series of countering moves, blocks and swoft dodging that help to defeat different enemies, War fights against angels, demons and undead usually tearing them apart painfully which is accompanied with awesome combat graphics.
Another special form of attack are wrath based attacks that are both offensive and defensive and are magic based attacks, when you use wrath ability it causes you to spend your wrath which you regain by using wrath crystals and shards or defeating opponents. There is also a shapeshift which transforms you into some kind of demon called Chaos form which looks pretty badass and you gain invulnerability and you deal hell of a damage, When you are in Chaos form you spend you Chaos meter. Chaos meter is regained when you hit opponents in normal for. Harder you hit more chaos points you get.

There are also a lot of secret areas in which you find chests to get enchantments for your weapon, Shards that increase your wrath or health and abbysal armor shards that you need to collect 10 to complete the set and that armor looks pretty badass aswell. All in all the game looks pretty badass, although I'm usually an RPG type of person I really enjoyed this game and I would be glad if I could see this type of story in some future RPG game.

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