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Letterpress Cheat

Updated on March 4, 2014
All Images Appear Courtesy Of Letterpress Cheat
All Images Appear Courtesy Of Letterpress Cheat

Loren Brichter is a name that most people have never heard. Smartphone and tablet users everywhere should be thanking him for developing the pull down concept that refreshes the screen.

This innovation was first brought to the Twitterverse through a mobile app, called Tweetie. Quickly becoming the most popular way for people to send tweets via mobile device, the app company and Mr. Brichter, himself, were in high demand.

After a lightning quick courtship, Twitter negotiated a purchase price and brought him into their organization. Twitter wanted him to focus solely on developing app clients for the iPad and Mac.

After a few years of developing for Twitter, Loren left the company to form his mobile app development firm, atebits 2.0. Through this new company, a new word game was born, called Letterpress.

How To Play

Letterpress consists of 25 squares on a 5 x 5 grid that serve as the digital game board. Your goal is to own more squares than your opponent. Each player takes their turn to spell out a word. The letters that are used in that word will turn to either red or blue, depending on your color.

Unlike other word games, it's not like a crossword or Scrabble. Words do not, necessarily, have to be connected. The game will rage onward until all of the letters have been used on the board. The color that has the most letters wins the game.

One of my favorite aspects of this game is the art of stealing letters. Much like Chess, there is a strategy to preventing your opponent from taking your letters. The best way to do this is by playing a word that utilizes all of the letters that surround the precious letter you want to keep.

If you are successful in achieving this, that letter will turn into a darker color and become unstealable and permanently yours. Your opponent will still be allowed to use the letter to play words, they just won't be able to claim it for their color.

Cheat Haven vs Educational Site

One way you can tell if a game is popular would be if they have a fan site devoted to all aspects of their game. Letterpress Cheat, surprisingly, has been heralded by some teachers, as a great resource to help young readers learn vocabulary words.

Purists of word games and puzzles will often scoff at any thought of using an encyclopedia or dictionary, during the game, as artificial enhancement. It is my opinion that this cheat site is a valuable tool that will not only help a player develop better strategy skills, but also serve as a quick way to not look foolish.

The Future Is Now

We now live in an age of constantly being on-the-go. Instant gratification, mobile connectivity and speed are the new variables that drive our society.

The days of cash registers and calculating math equations without the aid of a calculator are long gone, only reserved for textbooks in school. There is an entire generation that has no idea how to solve a problem without the use of a computer. This is especially true in the retail landscape.

Using a cheat site boils down to a matter of preference. If you are a casual player, this site might seem unnecessary. For players that want to provide some semblance of competition to their friends, family and random opponents, using the master lists generated from Letterpress Cheat will help them during that round, but also etch into their memory and hopefully be retained for future games.


The whole purpose of the website is to help the player see better words to play against their opponents.

The best way to achieve this is to type all 25 letters that are on your board, into the search engine.

After tapping submit, the generator will spit out a master list of every playable word, based on those letters.

Point values are of no consequence in Letterpress, but the number of letters that are in the word of choice, can have an impact on the outcome of the game.

No Guarantees

The cheat site might be able to help you figure out a few cool words to play throughout the game, but it won't teach you strategy on how to keep the colors on your side. Using the site will not guarantee you a victory. In my opinion, that's the beauty of games like Letterpress.

You might be able to pinpoint some fantastic words, but it won't matter if you can't use the game strategy and play the words in the right order. There will always be people who want to gain an advantage, by any means necessary. This website will give them a false impression that they are gaining favor, but that can backfire and give them a false sense of security.


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