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Level Up Easily In MW3 With FFA Gunplay

Updated on May 6, 2012


The latest addition to Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 online multiplayer Community playlist is "FFA Gunplay", which, as the name suggests, is a collection of free for all gametypes with some new and interesting loadouts and rules. Furthermore, this playlist provides, in my opinion, the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable way to level up or grind, all whilst earning some pretty unique Emblems and Callsigns.

The reasons for FFA Gunplay being an easy way to level up are as follows:

  1. Matches are short. Most last in the range of 2 - 3 minutes, meaning you get match bonuses and kills quicker when compared to 10 minute games in other gametypes.
  2. The waiting time between games is only 10 seconds, which means more time getting kills and more match bonuses.
  3. Even when you're eliminated in One in The Chamber, you can still earn points, just use the 'Select' button (varies which depending on which platform you're on) to select a player in spectator view, and every time they get a kill, you'll get 150 points.
  4. Games are frantic, and every player does well (gets a lot of kills).
  5. Match bonuses are generous.
  6. You'll complete a lot of Perk, Weapon, Weapon Rank and Knife challenges.
  7. Most games will net in the region of 3000 - 6000 points, without challenges, and considering that at level 70, it's only ~40,000 points to level up, that's some pretty fast progression.

The three gametypes available in FFA Gunplay are One in The Chamber, Gun Game (3x6 and 18 variants), and All or Nothing.


One in The Chamber

OiTC is fairly self explanatory, you start with a P99 w Tactical Knife and one single round in the chamber. The only way to gain more ammunition is to kill other players, by knifing or shooting. So killing another player by knifing would gain you one more round, making a total of two bullets available, whereas shooting uses one, but gain one, leaving you with one bullet still.

All shots and knifes are instant kill, and each player only has three lives, with ammunition resetting on death to take you back to one round.

A kill will get you 100 points and when a player is elimated and you're still alive will net you 60 points.

The game ends when time runs out or there is one player left standing.

Gun Game

There are 18 tiers of weapons and move up to next tier every kill you get with that specific weapon, so kills by knifing or any other means do not count. While on the subject of knifing, a successful kill using this method will demote the killed player one tier.

There are two variations to this gametype, one where you rotate through 18 different guns, and another where you rotate 3 times through 6 different guns.

The game ends when time runs out or one player successes through all 18 tiers.

All or Nothing

Every player has a USP.45 Tactical Knife with no ammunition, a Throwing Knife, and the perks Extreme Conditioning, Hardline and Stalker, and although not shown, you also have Sleight of Hand and Dead Silence Pro active.

The game ends when time runs out or one player reaches 20 kills.


One in The Chamber

Vote against this gametype in the lobby, the points per game versus time isn't that great. And chances are you'll spend most out watching in spectator mode.

  1. Keep your upright movement and sprinting to a minimum, it generates a lot of noise and camping players will be able to hear you coming. Keep moving though, but check your corners, and crouch.
  2. Avoid large open areas with multiple exit/entries like the plague. 9/10 times there will be a camper or someone will appear from behind you.
  3. Make sure you aim up and fire as quickly as possible when you're facing another player.
  4. Check all your corners by sprinting into them and being ready to knife, you'll catch campers and AFK players easily.
  5. Try jumping around corners and firing when both players are aware of each other, it will put their aim right off and you can fire mid air.
  6. When it's down to the last three players and UAV activates, run as far away from the two other players as you can and let them duke it out first, whether this eliminates one of them or takes down another life, you'll improve your chances of winning.

Gun Game

  1. Keep moving always and don't stay out in the open. You'll become an easy target.
  2. If you see a player with a small weapon, it will be a sidearm and they'll be high up on the ladder, knife them to de-rank them.
  3. If you see a player with a light machine gun, SPAS-12 or sniper rifle, knife them, as most players stall on the sniper rifle tier, and this will slow them down.
  4. Don't camp, it won't work.
  5. Find the hotspots of activity on each map and pick players off heading towards it. You'll live a lot longer than if you headed straight into the kill zone.

The 18 tiers of weapons you go through are:

M4A1 Red Dot Sight - Standard assault rifle, good at close and medium, shouldn't be any trouble.

ACR 6.8 Red Dot Sight - Standard assault rifle, good at close and medium, shouldn't be any trouble.

PP90M1 Red Dot Sight - Standard submachine gun, better at close range in short bursts.

Type 95 Red Dot Sight - Very accurate and useful at medium and long range, and short in a pinch. Shoots in 3 fire bursts, takes 2 - 3 to take down an uninjured player.

MK46 Foregrip - Light machine gun. Just about useless at medium and short range, unless you're shooting the other player in the back. Stick to long range or a well covered area for this.

UMP45 Red Dot Sight - Standard submachine gun, better at close range in short bursts.

MP7 Red Dot Sight - Standard submachine gun, better at close range in short bursts.

Striker Foregrip - Shotgun. Excellent at short range, just be ready to spam it while hip firing, seems to work the best. Same technique works at short - medium range, but be fast.

Barrett .50cal - Sniper rifle. Excellent at medium and long range, works better if they're back is to you. At short range your best bet is to spam hip fire it and keep moving, generally one shot is all you need.

L86 LSW Foregrip - Light machine gun. Better than the MK46, but still just about useless at medium and short range, unless you're shooting the other player in the back. Stick to long range or a well covered area for this.

P90 Red Dot Sight - Submachine gun. Can go long range in very small bursts if needed, but dominates at medium and short range.

AK-47 Red Dot Sight - Assault rifle. Use at medium and short range.

RSASS - Sniper rifle. Excellent at medium and long range, works better if they're back is to you. At short range your best bet is to spam hip fire it and keep moving, however, this gun requires two shots to down an enemy.

SPAS-12 Foregrip - Shotgun. Very limited range, if you're close enough you'll get a one shot kill, otherwise get ready to strafe and spam it.

MP9 Red Dot Sight - Sidearm. Short range only on this one, plus it has a lot of recoil, so stick to short bursts on enemies who don't know you're there, as it is easily outgunned.

G18 Red Dot Sight - Sidearm. Another short range only with lots of recoil, use same tactics as MP9.

.44 Magnum Tactical Knife - Sidearm. Packs a punch at short and medium range in a pinch, spam this while aiming up.

P99 - Sidearm. Fairly weak pistol, but can go short and medium range, definitely need to aim up and spam. Sneaking up on people works best.

All or Nothing

  1. Learn the hotspots of activity on each match, as the general lack of firing weapons will restrict all combat to close quarters, get one kill then get killed action. For example, on Dome the hotspot is in open courtyard area in between the bunker and dome building. Head towards these every time you spawn.
  2. Turn around as much as possible, the spawn points will always have you close to enemies, and they will throwing knife you with ease.
  3. Don't run in a straight line, you'll be an easy target for a throwing knife.
  4. Learn to judge the time it takes for a throwing knife to travel to an enemy, if they're moving you'll need to lead your crosshair 3 or more body widths in front of them.
  5. When you get ammunition, be ready to spam it as much as possible, as the distance they look to you versus when they lunge to knife at you is deceiving and hard to judge.
  6. Constantly be aware of your surroundings in regards to enemies, that is, when you go in to knife an enemy try to know you're not going to get knife a second later.
  7. If you have ammunition, put a physical barrier in between you and the enemy so that you can fire at them and they just can't run at you in a straight line and knife you.
  8. Practice your throwing knife ability, it will definitely help.
  9. Sprint. Always.
  10. Don't back off when you're about to knife, keep heading straight for your target.

Do you have any other tips? Post them in the comments!


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    • janetdrscottjanet profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Australia

      Thanks :)

    • Justin Cooper profile image

      Justin Cooper 

      6 years ago

      Hey there. Thanks a bunch for this post. I didn't consider the game mode to net as much points and didn't even know about the spectator view gaining points. I'll be sure to check out further posts from you


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