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Life After Super Server Mergers Evony Age 2

Updated on May 13, 2014

Life After Super Server Mergers

There were two main reasons that I continued to log into Evony. The first was for the free amulet that gives you a spin on a wheel of supposedly useful stuff. The second was to see if I was right about the game dying. I had written an article a little while back about the possibility that the game was dying. On the log in page, I clicked a link about server mergers that happened near the end of January 2014. The results of clicking on that link can be seen in the first photo capsule. I knew that since they had started to merge a lot of the servers into a few super servers, it was only a matter of time that they would merge the server that I was on with other servers. What I have noticed is that when any game merges servers, it is one indication that the game is dying. There simply is not enough active players to make having all those servers active.

A little more than a month after that first round of server mergers, I got an in game e-mail shown in photo capsule two stating that with in five days of this e-mail, the server that I was on would be merged with other servers. I don't think that five days is that much of a warning, but I guess it is better than no warning. The server that I was on was already fairly dead. There was one main group which I will call A1 that basically "encouraged" people to stop playing the game by making other players' lives miserable in the game. The leader of this alliance who I will call TB was fairly proud that his alliance basically caused people to quit the game. Before the server merged with the other servers, someone from a different server had logged into the server that I was on and had threatened A1 that their alliance will destroy A1. I didn't think that A1 had that many decent players left. When the server first came out, A1 became the top alliance. Most of the good players that made A1 the top alliance on the server had quit the game since the game became boring and they did what they wanted to do. A1 kept recruiting new people to fill the ranks of those players that left the game. It didn't necessarily mean that the new recruits were bad, it was just that they had no one to really test their skills against. This went on for some time before the merger happened. I became curious and wondered how well A1 would do against alliances from other servers. When the merge happened, A1 only got a few of the important major historic cities. There were several other alliances who were more active and better prepared and who got most of the important historic cities. The leader of A1, TB, in an amazing display of leadership, joined the highest rated alliance on the merged server. A1 didn't even try to be an important alliance in the merged server. A few active members of A1 also switched alliances. I asked one of the people who had changed alliances what had happened to their old alliance, A1. I only received a one word reply, "merge". In about one week, only around 20 members of a 100 member alliance (A1) had switched alliances. This indicated that most of the members of A1 were not active. TB was mouthing off on the new server. All this did for him was to get his historic city attacked and eventually lost. Before finally losing his historic city he was mouthing off saying that the people attacking him were really bad players and using bots. As I write this article, I checked on the status of A1 on the merged server. A1 is down to 51 members and not very highly ranked.

The third photo capsule shows how crowded the world map is. One of the things that the server merger did was place a lot of people really close together. On the first day of the merged server, people were sort of active on world chat. As the days passed, people got bored of the game again. There was less chatting until there was no one chatting in world chat again. I also noticed that people changed alliances and some people formed new alliances.

The server merges were supposed to revitalize the game. The game, for a few people, got interesting for a few weeks at most. It has been a little more than two months and the game is fairly dead again.

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