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Life is a jigsaw puzzle!

Updated on March 25, 2016

Logos galore!

Jigzone puzzles

I have always enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles and my passion was probably inherited from my mother, who has always loved them and even goes to the trouble of having them framed! I can recall doing jigsaw puzzles when I was a young girl and I am still at it, even though now I have a daughter who seems to be following our family footsteps!

When I was a child we did jigsaw puzzles at Christmas time, while now we tend to do them when we go to our weekend house during summer or school holidays, like Christmas and Easter. We have a small table set aside just for that activity and the 500 piece puzzles are just perfect for it.

The only problem is that we don’t have much space in our flat in the city and the only place where we could do them would be in the dining room table, but that is out of the question, as we must eat somewhere too! Jigsaw puzzles are now available on the Internet as well, so space is no longer a problem, as one can do them on the computer.

I have been doing Jigzone puzzles every morning for a few years now, and I even embed them in my blog every day, as well as including it in my personal diary. So, as you can see, I give a lot of importance to those puzzles! The pictures might be small, but they are a touch of colour and interest to what would otherwise be mostly text.

Opening the puzzles always brings surprises, be it the subject matter, the colour, or the puzzle cut. On a dark and dreary day, it is always nice to open a colourful picture, as it seems to cheer things up! Many times the pictures also remind me of places where I have lived or visited during one of our holidays. 


Copperband fish
Copperband fish
Californian poppy
Californian poppy
Tree mist
Tree mist
Sunset palm
Sunset palm

Jigzone topics

  • Animals
  • Art
  • Flower & gardens
  • Holidays
  • Nature scenes
  • Ocean life
  • Sport
  • Transport
  • Travel
  • Things

Jigidi puzzles

What always surprises me though is the creativity these sites have to choose the puzzle to be featured! In addition to Jigzone, which I do everyday, I have also found another site that I like very much, but I only use it sporadically, when I have some time to spare. The site has the strange name of Jigidi, which I don’t know what it means, but I also like the green colour of its logo and the variety of puzzles they always have available, pages and pages of them! The pictures are attractive and varied and they have a name on them, so it seems people send them as contributions to the site. One can also click on the name, if one enjoyed doing one particular person’s puzzle to see whether there are more available. The sizes of the puzzles vary from just a few pieces, to more involved ones of hundreds of pieces! One can also bookmark the site and thus save the picture one was working on, to be continued at some other time.

Both Jigzone and Jigidi keep track of the number of seconds it took to complete a puzzle and that is always a challenge to try to beat the score!

In addition to providing colour and an image of interest, jigsaw puzzles can also stimulate your mind and improve your mental agility! They are good for your mental health and doing a daily puzzle not only exercises, but also boosts your concentration skills!

I would have to agree with Jigidi, Life is a puzzle!


Pin & more
Pin & more
Pink tulips
Pink tulips
Stone spiral
Stone spiral

Jigidi topics

  • Outdoor
  • People
  • Objects
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Machine
  • Buildings
  • Seasonal
  • Art
  • Mosaics
  • Themes
  • Miscellaneous 

Just crazy 4 puzzles

Play Just crazy 4 puzzles online and for every jigsaw piece you solve, you earn one puzzle point, which can then be cashed in for tickets in their monthly contests to win real jigsaws!

Their puzzle gallery consists of:

  • Animals & wildlife
  • Flowers & plants
  • Food & beverage
  • Holidays
  • Landscapes
  • Objects & closeups
  • Sports & games
  • Travel

A free membership allows you to access hundreds of puzzles, including their new daily puzzle and also to upload custom photos. 

A premium membership, on the other hand (cost $4.95 per month), allows you to:

  • play full screen puzzles
  • get larger images
  • have more puzzle cuts
  • rotate pieces
  • save in-progress puzzles
  • customise backgrounds
  • adjustable puzzle size
  • personal user icons

There is also a Top player scoreboard

Just Jigsaw puzzles 

The site has a slider which allows you to set the degree of difficulty, from easy (6-9 pieces), to hard (up to 180 pieces). One can also enlarge the size of the picture, as well as set background patterns or colors. You can also pause or save the picture and play a variety of songs when you solve the puzzle. You can also control de edges of the puzzle or select edge or non-edge pieces.

The site has a Today's featured puzzle and you can also make your own from one of your pictures. The following is a list of the topics they have available:

  • nature & animals
  • natural landscapes
  • world landmarks
  • urban scenes
  • fine art
  • culture & objects
  • music & instruments
  • space & astronomy
  • people & holidays
  • make your own


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