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"Life is strange" episode 1 & 2 Critic and review

Updated on April 5, 2015

Critic of the story so far

How great does the story of a game where you don't fire a single round has to be, so that you actually enjoy playing it and just can't stop because the plot keeps you looking at the screen until you finish the episode?
the answer is : truly GREAT.

Life is strange is the perfect example of this, with its lovable characters, perfect setting and atmosphere, and a touch of an amazing and perfectly fitting original soundtrack.

The story takes place in Arcadia Bay, a ficticious town in the United States where the main character Max, is now going to college to start her career in photography, a gift she has since a little child, suddenly she discovers her super power to go back a few seconds or minutes in time, and change her actions or decisions in order to help everyone around and herself.
on the meanwhile she is having visions of an F20 tornado (ok maybe not that big) destroying Arcadia Bay and everything around, so she is also trying to find a way to stop the end of the world, or at least the end of this lovely little town.

So what are the little and big details that make this such an amazing, immersive visual experience? let's take a look.

A wonderful atmosphere

Blackwell Academy, a college with a more british little castle style than an actual american universitiy, but this is great isn't it?
surrounded by trees with Autumn leaves, very interesting characters and the very essence of american college life, not the party and drugs but the feeling of living alone without your parents, in a new, scary experience.

Small towns are always perfect locations for suspense, thriller, dramatic stories, what would my favorite game "Alan Wake" be without Bright Falls, another small town, with big lakes, pine trees, log cabins surrounded by haze? atmospheres like this make Alan Wake the best suspense psicological thriller ever.

Arcadia Bay is a little town by the sea, where you can find lots of nature, nice fishermen and locals, nice diner places and other small town classic spots.
with its beautiful views, nature and people, Arcadia bay it's the perfect place for the development of the story, plus it is the perfect match for the amazing indie-folk sountrack.

The sountrack

Of course music it's super important for an awesome and appropiate storytelling.
a great story must have a matching music for epic dramatic cinematics,
and Life is Strange is no exception.

for those who are not familiar to indie folk music, its easy to explain:
its basically acoustic guitars with more acoustic instruments and vocals with deep lyrics.
wich like I said before, perfectly matches the feeling of the story and the ambience of the locations.

you only need to play the free demo of the game and get to the point when Max plugs in her earphones in order to stop listening to all the bitching the classmates talk about her,
and suddenly the voices will fade and "To all of you" by Syd matters will start playing as the words "Life is strange" Episode 1 appear on the screen while you walk slowly through the corridors.

then you will know what im talking about!


Life is strange is full of people with different personalities, goals, beliefs and attitudes,
but I don't wanna bore you or worse, tell you spoilers about the story, so Im just gonna tell you about my favorite character (besides Max) from the game.

Kate Marsh:
(you will want to give her a hug trust me)
Kate is a cute, well dressed girl with religious and moral standards, (hard to find in college huh? ) since the beginning of the story we see this cute girl in depression, because she went to a college party and apparently somebody drugged her, and forced her to make out with a buch of guys from a fraternity, and even videotaped her.
This video has gone viral and her family and friends are disappointed on her.
as she walks down the halls everyday, everyone calls her a slut,
Max is her only friend now and the only one trying to figure out the truth.

at the end of Episode 2 (no spoilers) you will have to make a decision that will change Kate's life forever. this is a game where the whole point is making decisions and facing the consequences, so you can't just restart the game and start over because it just wouldn´t feel right. you have to choice and live with the consequences forever, and it actually feels like that believe it or not, if you get the bad ending in Episode 2 "out of time" it will be hard to get it off your mind, believe me, because the characters and dialogs just feel so real, the story is just so good that it really drags you into the game, and this is the beauty of Life is strange.

So choose wisely!

So far the story is looking great, I give it a 10/10 and I am looking forward for episode 3 coming out on May. Give this awesome game a try!


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    • Gabriel Picazo profile imageAUTHOR

      Gabriel Picazo 

      3 years ago from Mexico

      because i remember it said may 18 at the end of ep 2!

    • Redfire profile image

      Vanessa Gowans 

      3 years ago from Some box over the rainbow

      Oh cool how did you find out it comes out in 11 days? I can't find anything that says when it will release.

    • Gabriel Picazo profile imageAUTHOR

      Gabriel Picazo 

      3 years ago from Mexico

      naah I have to buy each episode :P just 11 more days for episode 3! ;)

    • Redfire profile image

      Vanessa Gowans 

      3 years ago from Some box over the rainbow

      This is such a great game. I am so excited for episode 3 it feels like an eternity has passed since the last episode. Did you buy a season's pass for the entire game?


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