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Light saber construction

Updated on July 26, 2012
before I added all the details
before I added all the details | Source
with both saber handles his and mine,
with both saber handles his and mine, | Source
showing off is moves
showing off is moves | Source

Complete your Jedi training

Something you can try just for fun...

Light sabre handle

Complete your Jedi training.

You will find that more people than you know would love to be a Jedi. Well this document is for you, and all that would love to be. If you have a few hours and some scrap card paper and general, odds and ends, you can build a great looking and unique light sabre handle.

This project started out because I was on a day off from work with my son and we were looking for something to do, as it was raining. Now my son Isacc loves all things Science fiction, and Star Wars is one of them. So we looked through the cupboards and pulled out some card tube lolly sticks from his craft box and various other bits and bobs.

I had not planned to make a handle myself; but found that as he did not want any help himself. I would make one as well; so we were working on the same thing. My son is four so I did not expect him to sit for long, but he stayed focused on his project for at least two hours, while we compared our models and what we were going to put on them next. In this time I had found that by following no plans and by just using what was around me, I had almost built a full light sabre handle.

Isacc had finished his by this time and he had painted it as well. He was now moving on to the next thing, so I tidied up and put my construction in the cupboard until I found time to finish it.

This is when I found that this had now become my project, and I wanted to finish it. I didn’t have to wait long, as I found I was in alone one night just a day or so later and there was nothing on TV. Isacc was in bed so I set back to work putting some fine details on the handle, before I painted the complete item.

I have added pictures of both Isacc’s sabre handle and my own. I hope you like them; Isacc says his is the best and as his dad I would tend to agree. So if you find you have nothing to do and want to complete your Jedi training, then find some scrap material and build your very own Light sabre handle.

You can buy some great copies of the film props; but why not have a go and have a sabre that no one else will have anywhere.

He now wants to make them light up blades; so we will get on to that soon.



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