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Lighted Ice Cubes - Where to Find Blinking Flashing, Light up and Lite Ice Cubes for Parties and Celebrations

Updated on September 2, 2011

Lighted Ice Cubes or Blinking Ice Cubes are a great way to add excitement to any party!

Have your entire party glowing as these cubes light up your tables, bar area and guests glasses.

There are quite a few lighted ice cubes to choose from. You have the options of ice cubes that blink quickly, change color slowly or you can even buy these creative cubes in solid colors if you choose to stick with one color scheme.

For example:

  • Solid Orange lite cubes would look great for a Halloween party.
  • Solid Green and Red lite cubes would look great at Christmas.
  • Solid Blue lite cubes would look great at a tropical party.
  • Multi-colored lighted cubes would fit just about any occasion including Sweet Sixteens, birthday parties, backyard parties and more!
  • Another great time and place to use these lighted cubes is if you want to dress up wedding receptions tables. - Simply put some lighted ice cubes that match your wedding color theme in glass bowls or vases on your tables to have your entire reception room glowing!
  • Use in your hot tub, swimming pool, fountain - anyplace else that you would like to light up with these fun colors!

One of the best things about many of these cubes is that they really work like ice cubes when you want to use them in drinks. A gel inside the cubes can be frozen in advance before placing in a punch bowl or in guests glasses.

Keep reading to discover all of the options available for these great new novelty items.

LED Light Ice Cube Multi Color Lite Cubes

These Ice Cubes light up with a push of a button on the bottom and can be set to 3 modes. Rapid Flash, slow flash, and solid on.

They provide 12 hours of continuous use but will last longer if you switch them off with the easy On/Off switch at the bottom.

Requires 1x CR1620 Alkaline Battery which is included.

These battery powered LED ice cube are a flameless and safe alternative to a standard wax candle.

Great idea of restaurants, parties, receptions, promotional events, weddings, college dorm rooms, home decor of any event that doesn't allow open flames.

Litecubes® Flashing LED Multi-Color Freezable Ice Cube / Rocks - 1 unit

These light-up ice rocks can be locked in one of 8 solid colors, or left in the rainbow mode, where the ice cube slowly changes through the rainbow of colors.

While the batteries in these lighted cubes are not replaceable, if left on continuously, the batteries will last 15 to 20 hours.

If turned off after use, they will likely last even longer.

Each LED Ice Cube is about one cubic inch and is made of a high quality, safe, FDA approved, clear acrylic. They look like real ice cubes and can be used like real ice cubes by freezing them in your freezer. The non-toxic freezable gel inside the cubes will keep your drinks cool.

Be sure to hand wash with hot, soapy water before using and remember that they are not dishwasher safe.

LED Ice Cube Lights (Set of 4)

This LED Ice Cube light set includes a set of 4 cubes. They also have a switch on the bottom so your cubes will cycle through each color (red, blue, green, pink, a slightly greenish blue, orange, multicolored, and one mode which cycles through all the colors).

You can change the batteries in these cubes so you can use them over and over again.

The proper battery requirements are listed on the package.

Color Changing Lite Cubes (Tray of 24)

Save time and money by ordering this tray of 24 Color changing Lite Cubes.

Push the on/off button to change colors: red, blue, green, purple, aqua, orange, and light purple.

Like the others mentioned above, the final mode fades in and out through all the colors.

Lite Cubes - Light Up Ice Cubes in Solid Color

If you are looking to use solid color cubes for a special occasion such as a wedding or themed party, these light up cubes are the ones you are looking for.

They each come in a set of 6. Choose between Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red or White with rainbows. They each have 3 Functions - 1 solid color + 2 flashing speeds.

The batteries are not replaceable in these cubes, but they last for 8-12 hours which is perfect to get you through any special occasion.

Orange Lighted Ice Cubes

Perfect for Halloween or to decorate for a Fall Season party you can order a sleeve of these orange Lighted Ice Cubes .

You have two options, flashing mode or completely on. These will look great when put in a hallowed out pumpkin and are much safer than candles.

Batteries are included and installed but are non replaceable.

7 Color Rainbow Lighted Ice Cubes

If a rainbow of colors is what you are looking for - these lighted ice cubes will be perfect because these have seven different color combinations that are created by rotating through 3 different colored L.E.D's.

This also comes in a 4 pack sleeve. Batteries are included and installed but are non replaceable.

Neon 25 Count LED Multi Colored Ice Cube String Lights

These indoor/outdoor string lights can also help bring your lighted party to life. These color changing cubes are the perfect added accessory to the light up ice cubes you are using for your party decor.

This is a 25 count LED multi Ice Cube light set. 4" bulb spacing, 4" lead wire, 4" end connect, with a  green wire. Can be used both indoor and outdoor. Approximate lighted length is 8 feet.

Nostalgia Electrics LPF210 Lighted Party Fountain

Another great way to brighten your party is to get yourself one of these lighted fountains.

Perfect for just about any beverage you can make this a major centerpiece for your party.

It is lighted from within and has a stunning, changing effect. It is a 3-tiered Fountain and sure to win raves at your next gathering!

As you pour any beverage into the main reservoir the liquid is pumped to the top of the Fountain, then cascades down like a waterfall from tier to tier.

The Interior lights changes automatically for a dazzling array of colors. 

It has a one gallon capacity and includes 8 cups. It comes with a 65" long cord with polarized plug and in-line switch and measures 12 x 22"h.

Other Lighted Barware Ideas

If your really want to light up your party, wedding or gathering there are a bunch of other light up items you can purchase as well to complement you lighted ice cubes.

There are light up Pilsner glasses, Champagne Flutes, shot glasses, Margarita glasses, rock glasses and even light up buckets which would look awesome displayed on the bar or on tables.


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    • Happy Human profile image

      Happy Human 7 years ago

      Hi Billie,

      Thanks for your comment - your aunt sounds like a great lady to be around - and I agree about the champagne - it sounds like she knows the secret to a long and happy life

    • Billie Pagliolo profile image

      Billie Pagliolo 7 years ago from Laguna Hills, California

      This hub is the only place I could find out if these lights were FDA approved! Thank you! I bought some at the Orange County State Fair and brought them to my 92 year old aunt on a visit to Milwaukee. She was simply delighted, took them to a restaurant and put them in her glass of water to fool the waitress when she turned away. The whole restaurant was laughing! My aunt called to ask me to get her more, but I wanted to be sure they were safe. Again, thanks for this cute hub. I think I'll get her the champagne glasses as well since she sips a little every night and claims it helps her longevity!