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Limbo Walkthrough 2 of 7

Updated on September 26, 2010

Puzzle 7
You will approach a box frame half-submerged in water with flies swarming around it
Do not attempt to push the box into the water as you will die
Instead, pull the box to the left until it is directly under the rope
Jump up to climb the rope
Swing back and forth on the rope to get to the tree branch
Jump up through the tree branches till you get to a huge log with jagged edges
Jump onto the log and it will crash down
Do not try to ride the log down; you will most likely die
Before heading back down there is a secret rope just to your left
Run and jump at the last second to each it
Swing back and forth on the rope and jump to the branch on the top left to capture the “Altitude is Attitude” Achievement
Find your way back safely down the branches to the ground
Approach the fallen log and push it into the water, and just before your chin submerges, jump on the log, and then jump across the water to safety

Puzzle 8
You will see a bear trap leaning on a branch
Continue to walk forward where you’ll meet the spider. Keep your distance, he will kill you.
Walk just until he points his leg at you then stop.
Once he arcs his leg back, quickly move left about 5 feet
He will strike the ground
Do this 2 more times at which point the bear trap will fall down
Jump over to the left side of the bear trap and push it to the spider
Walk just until he points his leg at you then stop
Once he arcs his leg back, quickly pull the bear trap about three feet to the left
He will strike the ground but the bear trap will rip off his foot
Do this 2 more times at which point the spider will run away
Keep moving right until you get trapped in the spider’s web
The spider will capture you and cover you in web
Move the stick and buttons to free yourself from the web
Once you fall you will still be wrapped in web and and only hop and jump
Jump over the water trap and continue right
Slide down the hill and time your jump perfectly over the second water trap
Push the ball toward the log
Once it hits the log, move quickly to the left to avoid being crushed
Jump onto the fallen log and to the right where the ground begins to shake
You’ll soon find out you’re standing on a huge boulder rolling the the right
You must balance yourself by gradually pushing the stick to the left
The spider will be chasing you, but it won’t catch you unless you wait around once the boulder comes to a stop
Jump from the boulder and down hill where your webbing will rip off

Puzzle 9 “It’s a TRAP!”
You’ll approach a man and when you get near his head will droop down
Walk any closer and the floor falls out from under you and hangs the man
You will see a second rope beyond the man
Jump on it then jump to the left immediately or be decapitated by a falling bear trap
Jump onto the rope again and swing to the cliff on the right


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