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Limbo Walkthrough 3 of 7

Updated on September 26, 2010

Puzzle 10
Jump onto the first and second stumps with ease
The third log requires a running start
The fourth log has a small twig on it propping up a broken stump
Jump on the fourth log and move up the small twig slowly
Jump straight up lightly and fall back on the twig causing it to break
Retreat to the third log before being crushed by the fallen stump
Jump on the bridge created by the fallen stump and onto the fifth stump
It will careen wildly once you land on it, so be prepared to jump onto the sixth stump (it doesn’t move)
Jump down to the seventh stump and then jump up straight to dodge the swing ball
The ball will lower the seventh stump and get stuck in the sixth
Jump to the right stump and slide down the hill but watch out there’s spikes at the bottom, so time your jump to safety

Puzzle 11
You’ll approach a spider with knives attached to it’s legs... but it looks like a puppet. It is a puppet!
Walk past the leg and you will see a man is controlling it, trying to kill you, but he runs away
Keep walking right, and run and jump over the water hazard
Once you see the flaming tire, run as fast as you can backwards and jump across the water hazard again.
Jump back over to the right of the water hazard and continue up the hill
The next object will be much smaller than the wheel, you simply need to jump over it and run under the overhang
Climb up the ladders
You will then approach a hanging man
And an alive man fashioning a death trap
Walk under the death trap and as soon as the first bear trap starts to swing down, move quickly to the left and you’ll clear it—once cleared immediately moved as fast as you can the right and you’ll clear the second one
Do not jump on the cliff, there is a bear trap there, and do not jump in the hole, there are spikes
Instead, jump on the remaining rope to the left and onto the platforms
You will see a second rope but it will disappear from grasp; don’t worry, there’s nothing you could do to get to it


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