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Limbo Walkthrough 4 of 7

Updated on September 26, 2010

Puzzle 12
Continue on to the right until you see what looks like a ledge. It’s actually a log that you need to push into the water as fast as possible because the spider is chasing you. 
Once the log falls into the water; jump on it and then onto the island in the middle, and finally to the other side.
Jump on the the log that looks like a seesaw and position yourself in the middle right below the fulcrum
Wait for the spider to step on the left side of the log causing the right side to stay risen
Run and jump to the right cliff and up a hill
Push down the log you see there and use it to jump across the hazard
You will see a huge boulder held by a small twig
Jump on the twig to break it and release the boulder
Run as fast as you can to the left and down the smaller hill (not into the hole)
Hug the right side of the cliff while the boulder careens down the hill
The boulder will crush the spider
Walk right onto a huge log and then down a huge hill
It’ll be very windy and when you see two people standing the spider will return on the left
But it’s ok, the spider only has one leg now
Get close to it and run to the right when the leg is about to attack
Walk to the tip of the leg and pull it off the spider
Jump over the body of the spider and roll it into the pit
Jump onto the body of the spider and over the spike hazard to the right side

Puzzle 13
You will approach a hanging box with a bird sitting on top of it, and a second box with a man inside
Pass under them and climb up the ladder on the right side
Walk left and jump onto the box with the man inside; the bird will fly off the other box
Jump on the other box with the worn ropes
Jump straight up and down causing the box to fall
Push the box to the ledge and climb up it

Puzzle 14
Wade through the first pool of water and then jump onto the body in the second pool
A man with something glowing on his head will commit suicide
Jump on that man and then on the third man to escape the water hazard

Puzzle 15
You’ll approach a wide pit with a trip wire on the bottom. Do not try to jump into the pit, you will die
Head back to the left and drag a body out of the water
Then jump to the left side of the body and push it into the pit, tripping the wire and causing the slab to fall down
Walk to the other side where you’ll see some creatures eating a glow worm
Make your way down the hill and past the enclave with the man sitting in it

Puzzle 16
You will see a contraption above you and a platform in the center. Do not walk under the platform, it will kill you.
Instead, jump to the platform and then safely to the other side
You will then see another platform much the same, but this time, touching the middle platform will kill you, so avoid it.
Jump across the spike hazard and you will see three men blowing darts at a body.
If you try to run past them they will dart you.
Once they prepare to blow the second round of darts, run left and jump over the spike hazard (one guy will die)
Then continue running left and jump avoiding middle platform and then left to safety (another guy will die)
Then finally jump left on the middle platform to safety causing the last guy to die
You can now continue right past the contraption (which will remain down) and past the spike hazard to the next puzzle


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