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Limbo Walkthrough 5 of 7

Updated on September 26, 2010

Puzzle 17
You will see a ladder and a rope
First climb down the ladder and pull the cart out to the right. Get on the other side of the cart and push it as far right as it goes
Climb back up the ladder and jump on the rope. Try to stay as close to the blades as possible while climbing up slowly
When the rope stops, quickly jump down avoiding the ladder, and onto the cart to catch the slack of rope before it moves through the blades
Stay on the rope even when it stops
Swing back and forth and dismount onto the second rope
Stay on the second rope for a considerable amount of time, or until you think it may be impossible to run under the first slab
Get off the rope and run under both slabs

Puzzle 18
You will see a lever and a large gear at the bottom
Continue right till you see glowing mushrooms and an animal who runs into an enclave
Jump on the ledge to your right and then run and jump onto the ledge with the mushrooms
Jump straight up and down on that ledge to cause a mushroom to fall
Once the animal comes out, jump to the right of it, causing him to walk towards the large gear
He’ll get stuck in the gear and start running in it, causing it to spin
Go to the lever and pull it to the left, hold it there until it starts to rain
Then continue right over the ledge and to a kink in the water runoff pipe. Do not jump on the chain yet.
Jump into the small pool of water and pull the log from the right into the middle, then climb up the ledge to the left and jump on the chain causing the pool to fill
Quickly run right and jump on the log and then to the ledge on the other side
Continue right to the next puzzle

Puzzle 19
You will see what looks like black sludge pooling. and a sharp spike in front of you.
Jump onto the spike and climb up it, then proceed right down a hill
Push the box right and directly underneath what looks like a small gap in the roof
Climb up the ladder and move directly left and pull the shelf right to make the hole bigger (make sure not to pull it all the way to the right or you won’t make the jump
Go back down to the water and pull the lever causing the water to rise
Go up the first ladder quickly and walk/jump onto the box you positioned
From the box, jump onto the second ladder and quickly climb up it and to the right in an enclave, drag the second box just past the edge of the ledge on the right
Jump on the second box and rise with the water till you can safely jump on the right ledge
Then time your jump down the hill to the second level and pull open the ceiling to allow the balloon to flow up freely
Once the balloon pops up, quickly close the ceiling and push the balloon to the right under the wooden box
Then climb up the ladder and situate yourself on top of the wooden box
The balloon will cause the box to rise and then you can jump to the ledge on the right, bask in the light and then continue on to the next puzzle


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