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Limbo Walkthrough 6 of 7

Updated on September 26, 2010

Puzzle 20
You will see a ladder and a huge box.
First go under the ladder and activate the lever causing the water to rise
Once the water stops filling, activate the lever again.
Then climb the later and jump to the second lever and activate it
Jump onto the large slab and then to the box
You will have to have a running start on the box to make it to the right ledge
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Puzzle 21
You will see another hanging glow worm, you’ll want to go down the shaft but it’s a water trap that you cannot see.
Walk slowly to the box and drag it far left
Then jump over it and the glow worm will attach itself
Jump over the box and onto the left ledge and into the light
The glow worm will reverse directions
Jump onto the first ladder and then jump to the second ladder (the falling debris cannot hurt you)
Go down the ladder and jump onto each pipe avoiding the hazards
The glow worm will reverse again (this time going left)
Make your way left past the pipes, up the ladder and again and jump over the box to the light on the left where the glow worm will reverse again (this time going right)
Make your way to the second ladder and wait there till the large pipe is pushed from up from underneath
Wait till the very last second to jump to the pipe because your walking is still controlled by the glow worm
Jump up to the ledge on the right and jump up towards the animals so they can eat your glow worm

Puzzle 22
You will see a rail and below a hill a steaming chimney
Slide down the hill and time your jump to the ledge on the right
Jump over the water hazard to the pipe on the right (which you can climb)
Climb up the pipe, it is unstable and will start to detach, but you will be able to jump to the ledge at the top with ease
Continue now till you see a hotel sign
You cannot jump on the letters while they’re lit
The ‘H’ stays lit for 3 seconds and dark for 3 seconds (you’ll have to time your jump right before the ‘H’ turns off to get to the ‘O’ in time
Jump to the ‘O’ causing it to spin and turn off the T
Go down under the letters and jump on the rope and swing across the hazard
Go to the switch to the right and jump up and hold the action button ‘b’ to turn off the letters
Now jump across all the letters to the ledge of the right (careful of the letter ‘L’ and the arrow sign, they will turn and the arrow will fall)
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