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Limbo Walkthrough 7 of 7

Updated on September 26, 2010

Puzzle 23
You will see a steaming chimney and a ledge with nothing below it
Jump down the ledge and you’ll lad on a frame lattice and see broken glass
Continue over to the lattice till the last part that is all glass
It will start to crack once you step on it.
Continue past it towards the ladder on wheels, like you’d see in a library
Pull the ladder toward you a little and then climb up it to get it rolling down the hill
Once at the top of the ladder and near the glass, jump off
You’ll crash through the glass and slide down a hill where you’ll need to time your jump onto a platform
Jump onto the second platform (it’s lit), then jump to the rope on the left
Take the rope down to the bottom
There will be a glow worm on your right, avoid it by going left first
You’ll see some sort of contraption with buckets on top
Touch it and then run to the right before it crushes you
Then go to the glow worm and let it attach itself, it’ll take you left over the debris from the fallen structure and into the light which will then reverse your direction (this time going right)
Continue a far distance right till you see a button in the ground...
Walk as slowly as possible by holding left on the stick
Once you walk over the button, a chainsaw will come at you, keep walking slowly and the box above will fall down, jump on the box and over the chainsaw
Jump to the ledge on the right and jump again so the animals eat your worm
Wait for the saw to approach the ledge before jumping over it again to the left
Jump on the hanging piece of wood
Run back and forth on the wood to get it to see saw enough enabling you to get onto the ledge on the left
Pull the lever of the ledge in front of you backwards and then jump on it causing it to slingshot to the next ledge on the left
Continue left to the box under the enclave and pull it out onto the elevator
Press the elevator button (stand by the arrows and press b)
Push the box onto the second level and get off the elevator
Make the elevator go back down, and place the box near the edge of the second floor
Make the elevator go back up but jump on top of it
While going up, jump to the rope on the left, a glowing blob will fall to the ground
Swing on the rope and jump to the right towards the elevator
Walk over the orb blob and receive the “Urban Exploration” Achievement!
Get back on the elevator to the second floor and push the box to the center of the see saw
Activate the elevator and immediately pull the floor of the elevator over the second floor until it stops moving
Pull the floor over the left side of the see saw, and push the box as far right as possible, and up the hill to where the land is flat
Pull the lever on the right and a rope will come down, position the box under the rope
Pull the lever again and quickly jumped onto the box then onto the rope, wait till the rope gets to the top and swing to the ledge on the right
Push the first button and right before the first box drops, push the second button
Immediately run and jump over the first box and push it under the second box before it drops
If timed correctly you’ll have a stack of two boxes that you must jump on top of and onto the ledge on the right before the saw cuts you up

Puzzle 24
Walk slowly towards the flying creature and once you get to the pile of dung, jump and grab hold of its legs
It will fly upwards and bring you to the top ledge
Continue right, then up a ladder, push the box left under the second ladder, and then climb up it
Approach the first slide, pull it to the right, jump over it, then pull it as far left as possible
Do not move the second slide, jump over it and activate the box, causing a tire to roll
Quickly run right and jump over the the slider and pull it right to carry the tire
Once you get to the other slider simply turn around and begin pushing the other slider carrying the tire
The tire will fall down a hole
Go back down the ladders to the tire and push it left all the way up the hill, then let go of it and run towards the switch
Once the wheel rolls into the switch, jump through the opened gate to safely and jump over the box
The gate will open once more, make sure to push the box through it
If you miss it or the box gets stuck, simply roll the wheel back up the hill and try again
Push the box as far right as possible onto the cog and then jump on top of the platform with the lever
Jump around the gear to the other side and capture the Climbing the Cog achievement
Climb up the ladder then head back to the platform with the lever
Activate the lever and jump onto the moving cog, jump onto the top ledge and push the box onto the cog
Jump onto the cog and once on the bottom right, push one of the boxes as far right as possible against the wall
Push the second box onto the floor switch, then quickly jump on the rising wall, then the box and finally to the top ledge
Run to the hanging chainlink and jump on it, sway back and forth until the chain flails noticeably
Jump off the chain to the left and run to the control center and press B
The chain will slide to the middle but because it’s flailing, you will still be able to reach it
Dismount from the chain and land just beyond the electrified rail to the right

Puzzle 25
Go down the hill and push the small cog towards the large spinning one
The entire screen will begin to spin counter-clockwise
Stand as far left as possible, as the world turns so does your orientation, and the wall to your left becomes the floor, once that is the case, walk as far left as possible without falling off as the hinge to the right will swing open and potentially crush you
Run through the open hinge, and jump on the cog, then jump to the platform on your left
Continue left and the screen will stop spinning
Go down the hill to the left and deactivate the booth with the magnet on it, then push the box all the way up the ramp
Then activate the magnet box again once the box slides and is between the ledge and the broken ladder, causing the box to freeze in place
Jump on the box and onto the right ledge and activate the door, then quickly jump on the box, go up the ladder and through the door
Grab the box from the left and drag it under the chain
Pull the lever then quickly jump from the box onto the chain
Stay high enough on the chair or you’ll be chopped to bits
Wait until the world turns enough that it is now on the electric slide and directly beneath you
Drop from the chain onto the box
The screen will continue to turn causing the box to slide towards the next saw, jump from the box to the next chain before the box is destroyed
Jump toward the left wall and you will slide down


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