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Lion Plush Toys Review - Popular Children Presents

Updated on January 8, 2015

Plush Kings

Plush lions have an advantage over other plush toys. Their manes, being an additional layer of “fur,” expand their textural range – becoming a game within a game, a place where children stick the palms in in order to feel comfort and warmth. In a way, this advantage replicates the one top predators have over their prey: even in the plush savanna lions remain kings. Unlike herbivores such as giraffes or zebras, which appear inviting and friendly at first sight, lions often keep to themselves and instill respect in children – all because of how we treat lions in television and cinema.

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Companions and Guardians

Documentaries present lions as large, aloof and arrogant felines whose rage can be unpredictable and explosive. These traits make all animals, including humans, weary and respectful of them; animation films cement these perceptions by emphasizing such qualities as as wisdom as well as physical prowess. Probably the best known film about these large cats is The Lion King. A plush lion can be perceived by a child not only as a friend, but also as a guardian, someone who will protect it both in reality and dreams. The larger toys are best suited for such a purpose.


Toys, Adult and Cubs

Plush lions vary in size and appearance, some being closer to the real thing, other bearing only a schematic resemblance. The latter kind, although looking more endearing, will hardly teach the children anything about the lion's anatomy and what makes it such a powerful and successful hunter. My personal favorite is the one crouching and sniffing the ground, as if looking for prey – it also will spark children's imagination and make them fathom elaborate hide and seek games. Many of the toys appear to be sitting – a position small children will immediately recognize and sympathize with – indeed, most plush lions are actually cubs. The brown, dark orange and white spots create a clam, earthy combination of colors, making the toys visually attractive and soothing.


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