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Liquidating Your Collectibles

Updated on October 6, 2010

Liquidating Your Collectibles

Would you believe that items you have been collecting over the years, that you haven't given second thought to could be worth so much money. You might have it sitting in your attic or storage room collecting dust. Something as cute as beanie babies can help you pay your rent or put food on the table for a few months for you and your family if you are struggling because of economic woes.

Of course, it is a good idea to hold onto these items as long as you can because it will be worth more in the future and it can benefit your children or grandchildren. However, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Perhaps, you've held onto coca cola bottles and cans throughout the years and they are cluttering up your garage where you can't use it for your car, the one that the dealership has been threatening to take away from you because you can't make payments. Instead of throwing away that collection because you think it's worthless, do some research instead and find out how much those Coca Cola bottles, cans and signs or toy trucks could be selling for. You'd be surprise to learn that they could go anywhere from $50 to $100 each. Budweiser beer steins sell pretty well on Ebay too just like the Coca Cola memorbelia and collectibles. Your shot glass collection is another item you could consider exchanging for cash. Antique shot glasses or the ones that you've collected while you travelled the world over the years could be worth a lot of money.

Your wife was an avid collector of Barbie Dolls, she keeps them in mint condition stored away for protection. She has no use for the doll collection anymore, so why should she hold onto something that could financially benefit her family in their time of need. If any woman out there has a collection of handbags, wallets or coin purses, made by Gucci, Coach or Prada. You really do have a treasure with these handbags, they are in popular demand and you can put them up for aution on Ebay or any other auction sites.

Postage stamps collections or also a gold mine, those stamps your grandparents saved from the 1930's along with your U.S flag stamps could be worth well over $500. And also to keep in mind that rare coins and pennies could be of some value.

If someone can sell a piece of tree bark somewhere like Ebay, claiming that the face of the Easter Bunny has appeared on it and sell it for hundred's of dollars, I think that you can find worth in something that you believed to be worthless that's laying around in your home. Don't forget about autographed Sports card's, autograph's from celebrities of any kind is definitely worth something.

Bradford Exchange collectibles can be anything from plate's and figurine's to jewelry and it can earn you some money well worth your time if you want to get rid of these nice collectibles. Precious Moment's figurines also does well on Ebay.

Over the years, there are many things I wished I would have held onto so that it could be worth something today and my Disney figurines stuffed animals and books my parents bought for me back in 1970, not knowing how valuable these things could have been in the future, my sisters and I trashed our toys.

A good lesson from my experience is for parents to teach their children the value of everything that they get and to store collector's items in places your children can't get to and open them up, because it depreciates if opened, especially if it is worn or tattered. Remember to do plenty of research on the internet or Ebay to see what your collectibles could possibly be worth and if you feel you can part with it, do it without regret.




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    • Affinity2010 profile image

      Leslie Trotter 6 years ago from New Orleans, La

      You have a point about loving your family and that material items is worthless. But to each his own. You have no right to tell anyone that collecting or turning your collectibles into cash is a waste of their time.

      This article was about survival. If you have something that is sitting around collecting dust and you need some medication because you don't have any insurance; why not sell your Barbie doll collection and get what you need to survive. There is nothing wrong with parents teaching their kids to take care of their belongings and showing them how valuable it could be if in fact they are alive and well in the future. No one has a right to tell you not to show your children that collectibles are not worth having. Your statement about being there for your family and calling them has nothing to do with whether or not you collect or not. Just because someone collects valuables does not make them a dirt bag. What makes them a dirt bag is someone who doesn't have the love of God in their heart and has no love for their loved ones.

    • profile image

      Maeve 6 years ago

      I am sorry but I do not agree with your "collecting" philosophy. Parents should NOT teach their children to COLLECT ANYTHING!! They should teach them to enjoy LIFE!! Things are just that...THINGS! They clutter up your freedom to live and enjoy the simple things in life. Children should not be buried in material items. If they are shown what is really important like the beautiful colors and smells of the world around them...the sky, grass, flowers, each other, then they will know what life is really all about. Not having to harbor crap in their homes or in boxes because they think they HAVE what no one else does; that they think they have the riches of the world with all their barbie dolls and collectible beanie babies, plates, etc. These THINGS are completely WORTHLESS!!! Even jewelry...WHO CARES!!! They are worth NOTHING when you are DEAD and GONE!!! I want to LIVE my life and enjoy my family while everyone is still around to love. Some of us are not here long enough to realize that THINGS just get in the way of what's really important...EACH OTHER. Please stop collecting, throw the SHIT OUT!!!! Teach your children what is really going to make them happy. Call your mother and father, your children, your husband or wife and put your arms around them and love them! Take them out to the park and lay on the grass with them and look up at the beautiful sky and see how little it takes to make us feel RICH without the material garbage that will weigh you down for the rest of your short life. Really LOOK at the world around nice to each other...this is not a competition, it's just a short run around the block; let the wind blow through your hair and enjoy the ride... and STOP collecting for God's sake!!!!