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List of Freebie Sites in Singapore

Updated on August 20, 2012

This one's for Singaporeans who enjoy freebies. I have compiled the websites where free product offers and other free stuff are swimming in. To those of you who are have not tried this and think that this is only for kiasu people, then you are missing out on something. Personally, I have started freebie collecting when I saw how much benefit it can offer me.

I can definitely say that this hobby is for everyone as long as you have an internet connection, a computer and a bit of time. Sometimes it is easy to find free stuff online but often times, it is not. It can get frustrating, mind you! It depends entirely on your internet savvy-ness. But as long as there are companies, there will always be freebies.

To cut your time scouring the internet for free things, browse down and choose from one or more of the links I have enumerated below.

  1. this is one of the popular sites. Lobang means hole. So if you've got a big hole in your pocket and want to try some stuff for free, then this site is for you. However, do take note that this site also has a lot of competitions and other on sale items that you may take a liking to. So if you are interested in perhaps winning something, give that a try as well.
  2. and this is a site I always get back to regularly. The Sample Store offers a lot of free product samples. All you need to pay for is the postage cost, which is basically about a dollar or two, depending on the number of freebies you ordered. The more freebies, the higher the postage cost. I became hooked on this website since I keep my make-up and other cosmetics to bare minimum. So before buying something, I need to check whether or not a product fits me. Since the selection is diverse, I can choose anything-- from cosmetics to fragrance. What else, there are tons of reviews from other people who have tried the same product, so you can see if it really is effective or not.
  3. I have not tried this website yet but there are free things listed. All you need to do is to self collect it from the owner's house. Some of the things are plasma TV, couch, massage chairs, tables, so on.
  4. does not have a lot of things to choose from but one can always find something free in this site. It may tell you to go to VivoCity to collect a product sample or something.
  5. if you love eating out like me, here is the chance to get some promotions and deals on the food you are ordering. However, there are other listings other than food so do check those out as well. There are also contests where you can win vouchers and you just need to follow the instructions to win.
  6. I have not tried craigslist yet since I have not seen anything that caught my eyes. There are free stuff, of course. Lots and lots of it and the owners just want you to self collect the items, carry it downstairs yourself and arrange for your own transportation. Most of the things listed are heavy but some can even fit an envelope. If you are looking for couches and other stuff, try browsing the site. You can never know what you can find here.
  7. I also have not tried this site yet but looking through their Facebook page, I can see that it helps a lot of people. If you are short on cash and need some things, you can always try to ask for it in FB and who knows, someone may have it.
  8. This one's for ladies who are looking for the best kind of sanitary pad. Poise give away about one or two pads for you to try out when your period hits you next. This is a great way to decide whether a product is for you or not. I have just recently received mine via post.
  9. Laurier, a trusted sanitary pad brand, is giving away two sample pads to each lady who completes the form. It will probably only take you about three minutes to complete everything and you just wait for about two weeks and tada, it will appear in your postal box downstairs.
  10. Abbott is a milk company. There are three free products to choose from-- adults, children and babies' milk. Choose either one and complete the forms and you will get your free sample by post soon. I have not tried this yet since I am a Nestle baby.
  11. Sunplay-- I have recently received this sunblock. All I did was to like their page on Facebook and out came the product. I have not used this yet since I am not that afraid of the sun. However, the next time I go swimming, I shall use this. The product is not in a sachet, but in a cute bottle. You just have to try this.


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If you know other websites offering free stuff, do share it on the comment section below. Thanks! :)


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      Nutty 2 years ago

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      Shi Hui 4 years ago

      Hi!!! Check out my website and Facebook page where I share freebie links with my readers!: ;

    • profile image

      Katie 4 years ago

      A blog on Absolutely FREE Giveaways Promotions in Singapore - No purchase needed!

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      Rain Rain 4 years ago

      Check out my blog, updated with latest free samples. Only in Singapore.

    • profile image

      Dze 4 years ago

      Many links don't work anymore

    • farairo80 profile image

      farairo80 4 years ago from Around The World

      I think it's a good list of freebies sites..I would also like to share that's a gadget freebies site to get stuff like iPhone,iPad , iPod Touch or PSP3.

    • profile image

      freebies guy 5 years ago

      very nice list of freebie websites....i also wan to add a website , where you get chance to win apple products like ipad, iphone etc for free.

    • profile image

      Kenny 5 years ago

      There is another site called which includes both Singapore and Malaysia Lobangs.

    • profile image

      Jeslyn Sim 5 years ago

      ■We provide Hse moving & courier services. Including Night, weekend & P.H :) SMS/ Whatsapp me at 97842343 now & provide these details (as below) for your transportation of goods. Collection address, Delivery address, Date & Time, List of items. No hidden cost. Per trip charges base on location.

      Thanks all for your continuesly support. :)

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      SFSG 5 years ago

    • profile image

      IntegrityYes 5 years ago

      Rock on,Inan!

    • inaniLoquence profile image

      inaniLoquence 5 years ago from Singapore

      Hi Future Doc, I'm not sure if these freebies are applicable to the Caribbean. They are for Singapore. I should make a hub about it another time when I'm not so swamped anymore. However, if you go to google and search for "international freebies", I'm sure there will be a lot of hits. :)

      Good luck and tell me when you "find your first pot of gold"! :)

      Thanks for following me as well!

    • profile image

      caribbeanmedskuls 5 years ago

      Great Hub! Now I must take a second look at all these freebies(I used to think they're just advertising crap) Thanks for sharing. If I find my first pot of gold, will definitely get back here and share. All the best!