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List of Sonic Characters that need there own Game Series

Updated on March 27, 2015

Someone besides Sonic this time?

I am not saying that Sonic the Hedgehog is uninteresting, but wouldn't it be nice if they did a game following someone else? Maybe your favorite? Lets face it, there are enough characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series that sometimes Sonic may not always be the favorite. Any character could have a good game if done right, like Big the Cat could have a fishing game series and Amy Rose would be perfect for learning games, you know that raise a panda game? Well how about raise a Chao? Sega kinda lost there chance with turning Shadow the Hedgehog into a series of his own when they answered just who and what he is in one game, done right they could have made that sweet thing last allot longer. However there still plenty of opportunity for other characters and we will be having a look at them.

Blaze the Cat

A cat that can control fire could be a lot of fun.
A cat that can control fire could be a lot of fun.

Blaze is the guardian of the sol emeralds and is almost as fast as Sonic on top of which she is a pyrokinetic. Simply put she is Sonic and Knuckles rolled into one happy cat from another dimension. Blaze already has the evil Doctor Eggman Nega and she has Captain Whiskers. And with Marine the Raccoon trying to build stuff and getting into trouble, I think Blaze could have as many adventures as Sonic and could have many different kinds of adventures as well. When she first appeared in Sonic Rush, Blaze fell into Sonic's world and we got to experience her for the first time and it was fun. Then in Sonic Rush Adventure we got to see Blaze's world and dig a little deeper into the sol emeralds, but most of the adventuring that was done was out at sea. I think it would be a blast to explore more of the land masses in Blaze's world and on top of everything that I said above, she is one cool cat. Blaze being a pyrokinetic is probably the only Sonic character to have a regular long ranched attack and I think it would be fun to explore this power and how to use it solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Blaze could be as or maybe even greater then Sonic if Saga would just take the chance.

Knuckles the Echidna

Guardian of the Master Emerald.
Guardian of the Master Emerald.

I know Knuckles already had a single game of his own but there is just so much that could be done surrounding the mystery of the master emerald and even the chaos emeralds. Unlike Sonic who fights purely for freedom and what he feels is right or wrong, Knuckles is the guardian of the master emerald which has complete and total control of the chaos emeralds which means anytime Knuckles is seen on the field he is there with a purpose rather then just trying to be a nice guy. Kunckles could lead to many action adventure puzzle games much like something out of Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider, and speaking of Tomb Raider. Since Rouge has such a greedy heart for emeralds and treasure I could see her causing many problems for Knuckles or in turn being a great ally for him. It could be the adventure of a lif time digging into the mystery of the emeralds and just what happened to his people and with Tikal and Shade adding further mystery I think Knuckles the Echidna could be a great video game series If Saga was willing to give Knuckles the spotlight.

Silver the Hedgehog

The time traveling hedgehog.
The time traveling hedgehog.

Sliver is a time traveler who came thinking Sonic was the Iblis trigger that somehow destroyed his future, now what couldn't be fun about that? Since Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Sliver has sloved the problem and is no longer in persut of Sonic however perhaps there coould be a whole new problem that no one knew about, or maybe something comes up in his time. I think it would be great to explore Sliver's time frame and just see what the whole buzz is about. Sliver could travel to different times and explore such things like the middle ages or maybe he could chase someone through time leading him to who knows what. With a time traveling hedgehog with psychic powers, Sliver could be extremely fun and interesting character to follow as he travels trying to save his world from total destruction or solving time related problems like Doctor Who or just solving problems as they come up in his time. Although cosidering the game he first appeared in I don't expect Sags to do anything with him anytime soon.

Team Chaotix

Detectives I think you know what this could mean.
Detectives I think you know what this could mean.

Team Chaotix is a detective agency featuring Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon and Charmy Bee. They are kinda goof balls but I think that could be worked into some good games. They could be used as a means to put together some comedy mystery puzzle games with twist and turns each one could have different parts to play just surrounding there abilities, Espio could be so much fun with his stealth abilities including being a ninja and being able to turn invisible, Vector is of course the leader and the muscle of the team but as leader (a silly one at that) he could put them on strange and funny task, Charmy could be that bumbling partner that never seems to quit get it but always seems to get whatever assignment that was given to him done. Team Chaotix had a great start with Sonic Heroes and I would very much like to see them come back with another case.

Shadow and Rouge

Although Shadow may now know the truth about who he is, there is still hope for him. It was reveled in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) that Shadow now works for G.U.N. with Rouge, which could make into some pretty awesome spy type games. Omega does not work for G.U.N. but since he is a friend with both Shadow and Rouge I could easily see them working together especially if somehow Eggman is involved. they could use G.U.N. based weaponry and vehicles, it could be the the higher rated series with guns and military weapons and espionage. Shadow has already proven that he could do very well on his own and with Rouge by his side being both a spy and treasure hunter they could get into all sorts of mayhem. Omega could go all out and become the war machine he was always meant to be, Shadow could be that rebel who's methods bring up questions but gets results, Rouge could be the Lara Croft/James Bond type which now that think about it may never have been done before. Team Dark could use a good return but if all we get is Shadow and Rouge I would be happy.

What do you think?

Who would you like to see in ther own game?

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Last Words

Of course there are others I would like to see like Tails or maybe Shade the Nocturne but I think these select characters have the best chance to not only to make a single game really work without Sonic but to make an entire series work. Sega could use something else to fall back on when Sonic doesn't bring in the big bucks they were hoping for and I think that some of these heroes could be that thing. in the mean time thank you for reading this hub and if you think there is someone else that you think could make a game series work then just drop me a line or two and we can talk about it some more.


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