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Little Inferno iOS Game

Updated on April 3, 2013

Love to burn things? Stay where you are - the nice men in white coats will arrive soon to take you somewhere 'safe'. In the meantime, you should indulge your secret passion by playing Little Inferno, a game all about burning stuff in a giant fireplace. Or is it...?

Well, yes, it is. On the surface, Little Inferno is like an interactive screensaver in which you throw various goods into a fireplace and burn them by touching and holding the screen to create a flame. As things cook they drop coins, which you tap to collect in order to buy more stuff. The game encourages you to ignite combinations of items, which unlock new catalogues and – yeah, you guessed it – more stuff to burn. Occasionally, you'll pick up postage stamps, which can be used to hurry items to your inventory.

At the risk of sounding like madmen, the act of setting fire to items is great fun. Some explode, some break up, some change the colour of flames – every item brings something new to the experience. Our favorites are the marshmallows, which dash around screaming until they're nicely toasted.

Little Inferno
Little Inferno

On the surface Little Inferno seems pretty simple. It's a good-looking game, and quite mesmerizing but hardly worth £3/$5. However, there's a narrative running throughout the game, and this story has a few comments to make on why and how we play games. What is the mysterious Tomorrow Corporation? And why did they create the Little Inferno fireplace into which you happily shove every item you own? Who is the girl next door? And why is it always snowing outside?

To reveal any answers is to spoil the true beauty of Little Inferno. So all we'll say is this: pay attention, and don't just burn everything in sight. The pay-off at the end of the game is satisfying enough (although we don't think it's the £3/$5 kind of satisfying), and you start to realise why the game is so wonderfully immersed in its own universe from the very first screen to the last.


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