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Little Maid NPC Minecraft Mod (English Instructions)

Updated on August 2, 2011

If there's one thing Minecraft has been missing for a very, very long time, it's little maids that can operate a furnace, bid you good morning and be dyed at will.

This is a Japanese mod, so if you don't speak Japanese (which I don't, being a poor and inferior sort of person in general) you're not going to get a lot out of the original download page. I, however, whilst being a poor and inferior sort of person, but also an adventurous sort of person with no real regard for the state of my minecraft .jar, or indeed, any of my save files, went ahead and installed this mod so I could tell you about it in the language of my people.

My feeling is that it probably requires mod loader, and maybe audio mod too, at least those were the API style mods I installed before installing this mod, using a little something called 'intuition' and 'pattern recognition'. Then I used 'Google Translate' and had my suspicions confirmed. It also requires the installation of another Japanese mod called 'mob egg', which is simple enough, it tosses a whole bunch of colored eggs in the game, egss that spawn mobs when thrown.

To Install: You need ModLoader, AudioMod, Little Maid Mod, Mob Egg. Toss them all into your minecraft.jar as usual. (You could probably skip audio mod, most of the sounds the maids make leads one to believe that they are in some sort of pain, or perhaps shape-shifting out of animal form.)

But more about the maids!

Wild maids are tamed with cake. If you hold a cake in your hand, they will follow you, and if you right click on them with the cake, they will explode with hearts and a little white headdress will appear atop their heads, signifying their undying subservience and loyalty to you. It's like wolves, except far more likely to upset feminists (and far less likely to take a bath in lava for the fun of it.) They even tilt their heads when they look at you, which makes me suspect that part of the code for the maids was taken from the wolf code.

If you want your maid to stay in one place and not follow you about (as she is naturally wont to do) you can right click her with some sugar. Right clicking her again will allow her to move. Maids can carry up to eighteen items in their skirts and depending on the item you give them, they can asume a different role. For instance, the default role is to follow you around. If you give them a cooked porkchop, they can become 'healers'. If you give them an axe and they spot a mob, they'll pop off and slaughter it for your dinner, they're very useful in that way. The function of the maid is determined by the item in the upper left slot of her inventory. Clicking her with sugar will reset her role if it has been changed.

It is also possible to dress your maids in various armors. They can wear shirts, pants and shoes. If you dye your maid, her hair color and outfit will change, this means you can have a whole squad full of useful maids doing various tasks and you can tell who is who. Handy!

The download page is in Japanese, but the downloads are marked in English. Remember, you need the egg mod and the little maid mod. There are a couple of others you can pick up there too if you want your maid to be able to sit on a cushion, but they're not essential.

Little Maid Download Page

I'd also advise watching the video for more tips, it is in Japanese, but the moving pictures explain things fairly well regardless.

Little Maid Video

A maid cooks pork chops automatically!
A maid cooks pork chops automatically!
A fencer ready for battle!
A fencer ready for battle!


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