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Little Nightmares: New DLC Coming In February

Updated on February 11, 2018
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Since her first Nintendo, Jennifer Branton has been an avid gamer who fairs best in Survival Horror and RPG's.

A Dark Prison And A Small Rain-coated Child

It is hard to peg Little Nightmares into just one genre. It is horror, action, adventure, with a beautiful art style reminiscent of the stop motion animation used in the The Nightmare Before Christmas. Game play is a little like that of Inside or Limbo where a small child, alone in a creepy world must find a way to survive.

The art styling is beautiful somehow painting a world in which children are kept prisoner by a foreign race on a ship called The Maw, giant disfigured creatures of various types led by a woman wearing a mask. You are a young child called Six, according the official website for the game; a girl although your face is not revealed as the character remains concealed in a yellow rain slicker giving both a nod to Coraline and Georgie from IT.

Solving puzzles throughout with only the ability to hide, use a lighter to light checkpoint lanterns, climb, and pick up/break objects, Six has no way to fight back against The Maw occupants and must fight through several chapters of side scrolling and vertical platforming to outwit the bosses she comes across.

With no dialogue and only ambient noises to acting as both distraction and audio cues, Six is many times smaller than both the objects of her environment and foe and must learn to forge a path, climbing and jumping with the ability to move into the background like Little Big Planet.

By the end of the core game, little is known other than the ruling class has been raising children presumably as a food source from clue along the way.


The Maw occupants are presumably raising children as a food source from clue along the way, and Six must fight her way through for survival using stealth.

The Runaway Kid And Nomes

In The Depths, The Hideaway, previously released show the story of another child that fought against the opposing class, known only as The Runaway Kid. While it is hinted that Six might have actually interacted with this boy earlier as she is retracting the steps he has already taken, coming across doors that are still partially opened, puzzles that have the crank handles, or keys not left far from where they are used, and those mysterious hand prints and pictures that are all over The Maw walls.

Six may have actually glimpsed The Runaway Kid as the one that threw her the bread through the gate when hunger was overcoming her early on in the game- one of the few things that can severely take down your character slowing their reaction times. Food is scarce.

The Depths tells the story of other escaping children and The Runaway Kid is subjected to a mostly water level at on a lower level of The Maw. Not much is known about this character either as like Six, he has no meaningful interaction with anyone else in the game.

The Hideaway DLC, also stars The Runaway Kid but takes place at the same time as the original game takes place as there are glimpses of Six as The Runaway Kid plays throughout his mission, meeting the Nomes, a race of small humanoids about the same size of the children in this world. The Nomes assumed to be an enslaved race to the giants, are mostly seen running away throughout the game and they aid a little more with The Runaway Kid, than Six who only wants to hug them; which unlocks one of the achievements in the game.

Little is known about the third bit of DLC coming this February for Little Nightmares.


A third installment of DLC for Little Nightmares is to be released in February.


Dark Six

While on the baseline the story is about children trying to survive their ordeal on The Maw, something strange happens every time Six nearly is subdued by her hunger pains in the base game.

From the first time the shadowy boy, possibly The Runaway Kid, gives Six the bread, something changes within her and there is a strange background shadow that briefly appears. Six is briefly captured by The Janitor and caged with other children he is wrapping up in linens and appears to be butcher paper as they are preserved for another meal. Six comes across what appears to be meat in a trap that a rat was eating and feeds again. Then again on a rat later in the game. In one of the last times that Six is shown eating, she turns down an offering of food and instead consumes one of the Nome friends.

She also in the last act bites the Lady with the Mask that seems to be in charge of The Maw. After this consumption of flesh, a strange blackness billows around Six making you wonder all this time if Six was really the pure soul we believed her to be the whole origin game or not.

Is there some sort of connection between what Six is or has become and what will befall The Runaway Kid and any other children still alive on The Maw?

Who's story will the new content follow?

Adding to the cannon of Little Nightmares there is also a graphic novel depicting a little more to the story.

Secrets Of The Maw, as the third installment if rumored to be called will release in February of 2018.


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    • profile image

      Karan Karjivkar 

      2 years ago

      This seems to be an amazing game. I would love to play as entire theme and concept looks promising. Thanks for your post.


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