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Little Tikes Home and Garden Playhouse: A Mom's Review

Updated on June 4, 2011

Outdoor Playhouses are fun!

My son loves to play in the garden, especially during the summer, which is almost here. He saw an outdoor playhouse at one of his friends, and, you know how kids are: "Mom, I want one of that! Now!". So, I decided to take a look around the web for a fun, safe, not very expensive and to have some features that would teach my son new things. I asked opinions from friends that have this type of item in their household, read reviews, checked a few websites that sell garden playhouses and I finally decided to buy the Little Tikes Home and Garden Playhouse and I have to say I'm very happy about my choice, not to talk about how satisfied my son is!

Important features of an Home and Garden Playhouse

A home and garden playhouse for your kids should have at least five of the following listed features in order to worth somewhere between $100 and $200. Out of all the outdoor playhouses that I've browsed, I came to the conclusion that it needs to be:

  • durable and weather proof (if it rains for a few days in a row, your kids can still play outside for a while);
  • large enough, so at least two kids can play inside (a size of at least:40X15X30 inches);
  • education oriented;
  • suitable for group play as well, not only individual play;

The Little Tikes Home and Garden Playhouse has all of these features and although I saw many complaints about the difficultiy of assembling it, I have to say that it took me half an hour to do it, although the holes are not predrilled.

How resistant to bad weather and bad treatments is it?

Little Tikes Home and Garden Playhouse is out there, in my garden, for 6 months now, and it still looks great! I can tell you that it saw snow and a lot of rain, it had a few bad encounters with my two caucasian dogs (these type of dogs resemble bears, they're huge) but it still looks and functions ok.

I clean it from time to time with water and vinegar (I only use organic cleaners) and check for all its parts to be in their place.

The size matters!

When you buy your single kid a home and garden playhouse, maybe you don't think that it has to be sufficiently large to accommodate more than one kid. But you should! Because when friends are visiting, it would be frustrating to see the kids waiting for their turn to play inside.

The Little Tikes Home and Garden Playhouse has a size of 43.8 x 17.2 x 32.5 inches, which means that you child can play inside until the age of at least four, as the height of a four years old averages a 35 inches lenght. And about how many kids can play inside? I would say that three can do it with no hassle.


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