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Little Tikes Playhouse-Outdoor Playhouses

Updated on June 18, 2011

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse

Before deciding on which Little Tikes Playhouse to purchase for your children, or any playhouse for that matter, it's always a good idea I think to get some user opinions and reviews of the Little tikes playhouses they have bought.

I tend to ask a lot of questions about the product I'm considering buying, makes sense to find out as much information about it as possible, to minimize the risk of ending up with a lemon. Is it actually child safe? How difficult is it to assemble? Does it come with accessories? How solid is it, will it stand the test of time, and the test of kids rough play? Is it value for money? What tools do I need to assemble it? Will my kids continue to enjoy this playhouse over a long term? No sense buying if their going to lose interest quickly.

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse
Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse | Source

There are an amazing variety of Little Tikes playhouses on the market, and this Little Tikes Endless Adventures tikes town playhouse, offers some great opportunities to engage your children's curiosity and interactivity. With the ability to customize your play house it's a dream, Inside this little tikes play house each wall can have a different theme created, you can decide whichever you want from either a classroom theme or a firehouse wall, Little Tikes makes it easy because you get the decorations.You can always add a splash of paint to make it even more exciting.

Then on another side, a sports wall which comes with a basketball hoop, soccer net, targets and a sports ball. There is even a wall that's a grocery store theme with a pretend bank attached. This playhouse is loaded with features, you really couldn't find better value.

Tools required, as with all Little Tikes playhouses you'll just need a cordless drill to screw it together, that's it, and of course just follow the directions for an easy assembly.

Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

This playhouse is nice, a little small, comes with different accessories to the first playhouse above of course, small things like, plastic food and utensils, microwave, floor lamp, clock. There are other molded features that make this little picnic playhouse ideal for a child to make pretend lunches on the stove and serve their meals through the window onto the table, it's quite cute.

Customizing these playhouses with other accessories, is not really necessary, more of an option. Just adding colorful paint decorations makes your childs playhouse unique, for both boys and girls to enjoy. Oh, did I mention the doorbell with six different tunes that I'm sure will keep them occupied, you know how kids love to make sounds.

All in all it's a sturdy playhouse, easy to assemble and will last for years of playful enjoyment. I remember when I was a kid, how much time I spent in my cubby house having friends over, playing make believe, it was my own little home away from home, it was great when it rained sitting in there nice and cozy. Ah, wish I was a kid again.

Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse
Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse | Source

The cabinets are not really of any significant size or use, though it is a playhouse and provides endless hours of fun. A mail slot in the door is an extra feature that the kids enjoy sending their mail through, along with opening and closing the door, all the time. This is a basic playhouse but with little tikes you can't really go wrong, just choose the one with the features you and your child will prefer.

Little Tikes Picnic N Playhouse

This little tikes picnic n playhouse is a great functional playhouse for all the kids to enjoy. What's special about this one is it can be set up into different configurations to easily satisfy any requirements. When the kids get hungry, but want to keep playing on the climbing wall and the slide, you can easily lower and use the table inside the playhouse for them to have lunch or snack, of course they could also take their lunch out on the patio too.

These playhouses might be made of plastic, but they are solid and sturdy and can resist the roughest of play and weather conditions as well.

Little Tikes
Little Tikes | Source

It's a versatile, fun addition to your backyard or porch, you could even set these playhouses up inside your house if you've got the room, but I think the kids would enjoy it more outdoors though. It's usually a good idea to supervise your children when outdoors playing on their playhouses, at least for a while, say, the first couple of weeks, just to see how they interact with their playhouse, so you can uncover any possible issues there may be with the product or about safety etc.

Little Tikes Cambridge Cottage

The Cambridge cottage is another wonderful and popular playhouse because it is spacious and allows for a child's growth and it looks just like a traditional cottage. With it's brick wall look, columns and of course, like some other playhouses has a dutch door. It's what's inside this little cottage that makes it unique, from a pretend fireplace, realistic kitchenette with seating area and a phone to call mom when they get hungry. Also included is a sneaky little trap door out the back too for extra fun.

Cambridge Cottage
Cambridge Cottage | Source

Assembly of this playhouse is really easy and simple, you might just need some assistance with screwing on the roof, otherwise it goes together quickly and has enough room inside for two adults to sit and play as well. This particular playhouse seems to be a favorite amongst parents and grandparents alike for it's ease of assembly, the four windows so they can keep an eye on the kids and the spaciousness inside.

Little Tikes Playhouse Assembly

Choosing to buy a Little Tikes playhouse will ensure your children have endless hours of enjoyment and physical activity, not to mention gaining social activity skills that build character and teach them life skills about relationship building as they play with their friends in their own little home in your backyard.

I recall building a cubby house for my kids when they were small, it kept them happy and active for years, until they grew out of it. Then my grandkids made use of it, until it fell apart. So I did the only thing I could, I bought them a Little Tikes Playhouse so they too could continue to experience the joy of their own special place. Besides, it's a lot easier and cheaper these days than trying to build your own.


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