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Little Tikes Workbench

Updated on December 30, 2010

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When it comes to children’s toys, Little Tikes is a brand you can trust. One of their top selling products is their workbenches. A Little Tikes Workbench lets children use realistic tools to build projects and learn. Kids explore their creativity while improving eye and hand coordination. An array of child-safe plastic tools is used to work on projects commonly done in real life workshops and automotive repair shops. The durable workbenches are designed to withstand the hammering of even the most enthusiastic children. Multiple workbench designs are available that are geared to different interests. A workshop bench, for example, features woodworking tools like saws and drills.

Children love to play with toys that have cool features like lights and sounds, which is why many Little Tikes sets feature realistic “action sounds” for many of the tools and accessories (Usually powered by batteries). A play workbench combines the best attributes of a children’s toy: creative expression, physical activity, and learning.

Little Tikes Workbench
Little Tikes Workbench

Classic Little Tikes Workbench

A workbench is great for kids ages 2 and up who like working with tools. These kits come with a sturdy workbench and a variety of tools like screwdrivers, a drill, hammer and plastic screws. The tools can be used to complete several simple tasks like installing window shutters, joining plastic wood pieces and more. The 2-Sided workshop from Little Tikes has a workbench on one side, and four home repair projects on the reverse side. These projects include fixing a spigot and building a flower box. Children will use critical thinking skills to complete tasks. Parts can be held in the attached vise while working. The vise and all other tools are safe for children to use and have safety limits as to not pinch fingers. The Little Tikes My First Craftsman Workbench, for example is a licensed Craftsman product and a prime example of the high status of the Little Tikes line.


The kid-friendly design ensures that children can easily grab and manipulate the tools. They may need a little help at times to understand the task at hand, but will quickly pick up skills as they learn and have fun. Your child will be filled with pride as they express their creativity in new ways. To hold children’s’ attention, these workbenches come with around 20 vividly colored tools with plenty of parent-friendly storage compartments. Not only will they have fun, but they’ll learn how to clean up afterwards. Tools can also be stored on the pegboard hooks that look just like the real thing.

Some minor adult assembly will be required, but it assembles with relative ease. Once set up you can place the tools in their respective places and present it to your child. If you have more than one child who enjoys this type of toy, you may want to get two separate units if you anticipate them using it frequently. This prevents childhood quarrels among siblings. However, it is a good idea to promote teamwork as they build projects. Giving your children a “tool task” can help them to work together to accomplish it. Feeling like they are important is one of the many benefits of having a toy set like this. Kids love it when adults join in the fun. Listen to what they say as they work and respond with thought provoking questions to nudge them in the right direction.

Engine Block / Bench Set
Engine Block / Bench Set

Automotive Tool Bench

The Little Tikes Engine block and Workbench features a different set of tools based on the automotive industry. It has a very basic engine block that kids can work on and perform repairs on. The engine block transforms into a flat workbench where tools can be used to work on other projects. Kids will have a blast taking the engine apart and putting it back together again. The battery powered hand drill is used to rev up the engine. The hand drill features a real laser guide to be used when lining up drill bits. Six drill bits are included which can be changed out at will. Sound effects keep kids engaged in their work and make them feel like they’re working like the adults. Fifty engaging pieces are included that are all child safe.


If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your kid’s playroom, then a Little Tikes Bench is for you. Unlike some generic Chinese made offshoots, a Little Tikes Tool Bench will not contain dangerous levels of lead, or parts that present a choking hazard. A workbench is a thought-provoking toy that encourages learning and growth in a safe way. If you’re looking to get your hands on one quickly, consider looking on the internet for a reputable supplier.


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