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Little Tykes Kitchens for Kids

Updated on December 5, 2012

Little Tykes Kitchen Sets

Little Tykes Kitchen sets & other kids kitchens help improve learning and fine motor skills in children.
Little Tykes Kitchen sets & other kids kitchens help improve learning and fine motor skills in children.

Little Tykes Kitchen & Kids Kitchens

Buying toys for children can be very challenging at times. Especially when you have spent your hard earned money and you want to make sure your children will play with the item(s) for more than a couple of days, weeks or even months.

Another thing you many find challenging is trying to find toys that are educational and beneficial to your child's development.

Educational Benefits:

First of all lets talk educational benefits. How can a toy be educational and fun at the same time?

There are many toys and activities for children that can help develop fine motor skills and learning while still being fun and unique for the preschool children. These kids play kitchens are great examples of fun learning toys with added benefits for your child.

Dramatic Play for Preschoolers:

There is a favorite area of the day care centre that I love and that is the dramatic play centre. I observe so much learning and education from children in this centre. What is dramatic play and what happens in the dramatic play centre?

Dramatic play allows children to engage in "play" which focuses on real to life roles they may see in the home or actually encounter themselves in day to day life. In the dramatic play centre you will see the child(ren) imitate remembered events from these and other real life experiences.

Providing the proper materials and props for children to engage in dramatic play can be very fun. In the many years I have spent in the Early Childhood Education field the most popular dramatic play materials and props have been the "house/kitchen centre". This area seems to be the most interesting to children as thus far in their lives the place they have been and can relate to the most is in the home and with the family.

Children come alive in the "house/kitchen centre" and you would be so amazed at what roles come out of them during this play. You will also be so amazed at what they have observed in the home that you may not have realized.

The best materials, props, or toys to be used in the "house/kitchen centre" are ones that make them feel like they are in a somewhat true to life setting with things that they can use on their own.

Little Tikes Kitchen Set- Kids Wooden Kitchen

Little Tikes Kitchen Set- Kids Wooden Kitchen & Laundry Center
Little Tikes Kitchen Set- Kids Wooden Kitchen & Laundry Center

Kids Wooden Kitchen & Laundry Center

I am a huge fan of the Little Tikes Kitchen Sets and they come in so many kitchen styles/varieties, price ranges, and with so many colors, extra accessories, and small, interactive sound effects.

The first of the kids kitchens I want to touch on is my favorite and mainly because it is made out of wood. Wood lasts so much longer as it is more durable than plastic and you will love that because you will find that purchasing a cooking centre will be an investment that will bring years of imaginative play with your child(ren), in a day care centre and also in a home.

It is called the Little Tikes Wooden Kitchen and Laundry Centre. The reason this is one of my favorites is because you can't go wrong with the variety of activities the preschool children can experience and play.

Your child(ren) can go from cooking and cleaning, to laundy and ironing, making phone calls, chalking on the chalk board. There are lots of storage shelves which help with easy clean-up. This particular one comes with spice jars metal pots and pans and so much more.

This kids kitchens set also has a sink, tons of colors on the whole unit, and knobs to turn which is great for fine motor development.

This one has no sound effects but I encourage that because it allows the children to use their imagination and you will find them imitating the sounds on their own.

I give the Little Tikes Wooden Kitchen and Laundry Centre 5 stars!

Kids Kitchens - Little Tykes Prep N' Serve Kitchen

Kids Kitchens & Little Tikes Kitchen Sets for Kids & Toddlers are Great Fun & Educational!
Kids Kitchens & Little Tikes Kitchen Sets for Kids & Toddlers are Great Fun & Educational!

Little Tikes Kitchen Set - Prep N' Serve Kitchen Set

If price is a factor in this and you are on a budget, then the one kids kitchens set I would recommend for you would be the Little Tikes Prep and Serve Kitchen . This kids toy kitchen is made of plastic and will give your child(ren) the same opportunities in play the one mentioned above.

This kids kitchens set has pots, pans, an oven, and other appliances, many accessories and colors, a sink, a burner that makes cooking sounds, and lots of storage space as well as knobs to turn for fine motor development.

This kids pretend kitchen will provide years of imaginative and role play for your child(ren).

I give the 'Little Tikes Prep and Serve Kitchen' 4 stars!

Dramatic Play Poll:

Do you provide dramatic play activities or kids play kitchens in your preschool setting or daily routines for the children?

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    • Trev Irvin profile image

      Trev Irvin 

      4 years ago

      I am of the opinion that hands-on toys fuel creativity. This kitchen set is the perfect tool for my daughter and I love her cute little creations. I have no worries at all that she will play this for many years to come. The biggest plus is that its wooden and it'll last us for quite some time.

      Trev Irvin

    • Outdoor Toys profile image


      9 years ago from The Netherlands

      Dinner ready? I remember me the kitchen I bought for my daughter (Baby born), she was so happy an played hours in the kitchen. This kitchen from little tikes is great!


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