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Living Cards Games

Updated on May 3, 2015

Living Card Games


Living Cards Games

Living card games are a great way for anyone to play one of your favorite types of games in a fair and balanced way. Although the selection of types of living card games available is limited for now . The player base isn't as huge as some of the Collectible Card Games on the market currently. There is much to be said about card games that require very little start up cost, and gives you the chance to play most of your favorite characters from right out of the box.

Living Cards Games Page Summary:

  • What is a Living Cards Game?
  • Benefit of Living Card Games?
  • Living Card Games VS. Collectible Card Games
  • LCG Currently Available

Call of Cthulhu


What is a Living Cards Game?

Living Card Game is a trademark of Fantasy Flight Games. Living Card Games and collectible card game are very much alike except with a some minor differences. They both have in common starter sets, booster packs, expansions, and core sets. Where they differ is from what is contained inside the packs. The LCG's have a more fixed set of cards, usually dispensed on a monthly basis, while the CCG's having a greater selection of cards, but tend to be more randomly dipserse in packs, along with less frequent releases. This can make things harder if you desire a certain type of card. You are now faced with either attempting to trade, trying to purchase the desired card online, or keep buying packs until you attain your desired card. Most living card game core sets come ready to play, complete with decks you can play right away.

What are the Benefit of Living Card Games?

Living Card Games tend to be less expensive in the long run. You do not feel pressured into constantly buying CCG boosters just to try to improve your deck. You can have hours of play time with a core set, and never need to spend any more money. However if you wish to keep the game fresh, and up to date you will need to purchase more booster, or expansion packs.

Unlike its counterpart the Collectible Card Game, Living Card Games have no rares, uniques,or hologram cards for you to chase after. Therefore the need to trade, or exchange cards is not required in order to improve your deck.

Another great advantage of Living Card Game is game balance, everyone will have the same types, and the same amount of a certain cards provided. This gives everyone the chance to play on the same level. This also takes away from the potential of having to face opponents with over powered decks.

CCG Card Games


Living Card Games VS. Collectible Card Games

I really like the out of the box, deck balance that all living card games provide. If your playing with friends, or family then living card games are certainly the route to go. On the other hand I was for sometime very much into Magic the Gathering CCG, and also very much enjoyed building decks that could over power, or control my opponents, but those types of decks are more suited in tournament type play than anything else. I have never found Collectable Card Games rewarding when I was playing against a friend who didn't have the availlable disposable income I had, and therefore suffered from a lesser quality deck. With Living Card Games everyone has the potential of playing an evenly matched game.

Living Card Games

  • Bigger Initial Investment
  • No Trading
  • No Rares, Uniques, or Hologram Cards
  • Smaller Player Base

Collectible Card Games

  • Smaller Initial Investment
  • Continued Purchasing Required
  • Trading
  • Rares, Uniques, and Hologram Cards
  • Larger Player Base

LCG Currently Available

A Game of Thrones the Card Game

A Game of Thrones the Card Game is a living card game based off of George R. R. Martin a Song of Ice and Fire's fantasy book series. A Game of Thrones the Card Game reflects more of the books characters, and story line than it does the popular TV Show. The core set come with four of the six main houses. Each deck has personalize cards depicting the characteristics of it own house.

Game of Thrones Box Contents:

  • Game Board
  • Rulebook
  • 6 Plastic Title Markers
  • 66 Multi-player Reference Cards
  • 60 Power Counters
  • 44 Gold Coins
  • 6 House Cards
  • Four 52-cards Decks inches

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

Call of Cthulhu the Card Game

The Call of Cthulhu the Card Game core set comes complete with seven factions. The core set is made to introduce new players into the game, and their by giving you a small taste of the strengths, and weakness's of all the factions. Each player can build their decks using two human, one human, and one demon, or two demon factions. The object of the game is to use the characters investigative abilities to solve stories. The first player to have five tokens on his story board wins the board. The winner is the first player who collects 3 story boards.

Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu Box Contents:

  • Game Board
  • Rulebook
  • 24 Cthulhu Story Markers
  • 6 Plastic Cthulhu Domain Markers
  • 155 Customizable
  • Deck Cards
  • 10 Story Cards

Lord of the Ring the Card Game

The Lord of the Rings the Card Game is a co-operative living card game. The core set features 12 heroes, and three perilous quests. Build any combination of decks that focus on any of the four spheres of influence leadership, lore, spirit, and tactics. Each hero has a special ability,or action he can take to complete quests. Each rounds you are able to buy more resources like armor, or allies in order to complete all the quest cards in the deck to win.

Lord of the Rings Box Contents:

  • 226 cards
  • Included Three Perilous Quests
  • Included 12 Hero Cards

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Warhammer Invasion the Card Game

Warhammer invasion the Card Game takes place in the Warhammer universe. Play as one of the four factions The Orcs, The Dwarves, Chaos, and the Empire. Each faction has a capital board comprised of three areas, the Kingdom, the Battlefield, and the quest area. Be the first player to Destroy two of the three capitol board areas to win the game.

WarHammer Invasion

Warhammer Invasion Box Contents:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 220 Cards representing factions
  • 4 Capital Boards
  • 35 Resource Tokens
  • 60 Damage Tokens
  • 4 Burning Tokens

Star Wars the Card Game

Star Wars the Card Game comes complete with four starting decks. There are two sides to this card game. The dark side, and the light side. Each side comprises of three factions. The dark side comprises of Scum and Villainy, the Sith, and the Imperial Navy factions. The light comprises of the Rebel Alliance, Smuggler and Spies, and the Jedi factions. In order to win the light side must destroy three of the dark sides objectives. In order for the dark side to win, it must reach a score of twelve on the Death Star Dial Counter.

Star Wars Box Contents:

  • 240 Cards
  • (117 light side, 117 dark side, and 6 Force cards)
  • 1 Death Star Dial
  • Nearly 100 tokens
  • Rulebook.

Star Wars: The Card Game

Android: Netrunner the Card Game

Android Netrunner the Card Game is a two player card game. Play has one of the four corp. factions Jinteki, NBN, Haas-Bionoid, or the Weyland Consortium, or as a one of three Netrunner types the Anarch, the Criminal, or the Shaper. The corporations goal is to advance seven agendas, while the netrunner must steal seven agendas in order to win the game.

Android Netrunner

Android Netrunner Box Contents:

  • 252 cards
  • Including seven unique identity cards
  • 1 Action Summary for each side
  • 1 Action tracker for each side

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    • profile image

      Antlers6109 2 years ago Is for Doomtown:Reloaded. It is billed as an "Expandable Card Game" since FFG owns the LCG moniker and this is from AEG, but it has a fixed card distribution, monthly booster decks and larger expacs every 6 months or so, everything that makes an LCG, an LCG.

    • DavidCombs profile image

      DavidCombs 2 years ago

      thanks for your comment boredgamer78, to my knowledge Doomtown has not been made into a LCG, but i think that will change in the near future.

    • profile image

      boredgamer78 2 years ago

      What about Doomtown? I used to like it as a CCG and have thought about looking at the LCG.