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LoL Ashe Build Guide - League of Legends Strategy Tips and Tricks

Updated on July 22, 2013
LoL Ashe Build Guide
LoL Ashe Build Guide | Source

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LoL Ashe Build Introduction

Ashe is a frost archer that kills her enemy from afar. She is best known for having the frost shot, which slows enemy. She shoots with high accuracy and is deadly in ranged situations. Her playstyle is mainly stealth, since she is fragile and has no escape mechanism. Here are the following pros and cons of Ashe:


  • A good slow skill Frost Shot
  • Spammable AoE cone skill Volley
  • Good Harasser
  • Good Damage


  • Fragile with no escape mechanism
  • Slow movement speed
  • Lacks attack speed at the start of the game

Summoner Spells
Summoner Spells | Source

Summoner Spells

I would choose either flash with barrier or ghost with teleport. This is all personal preference. Ideally, you will want some sort of escape mechanism such as flash or ghost.

Another good choice is ignite and it works well against healing enemies. To be honest, it all comes down to play style.

Rune Masteries
Rune Masteries | Source

Rune Masteries

Here is the recommended mastery slots for Ashe:

Offensive Slot:

Fury 4

Deadliness 4

Havoc 3

Weapon Expertise 1

Lethality 2

Brute Force 2

Frenzy 1

Sunder 3

Executioner 1

Defense Slot:

Summoner's Resolve 1

Durability 4

Hardiness 3

Utility Slot:

Summoner's Insight 1

Ashe Skill Information
Ashe Skill Information

Ashe Skill Guide

Concentration - This is Ashe's passive skill that gets charged to 100% critical on the next hit when not in combat. This is useful for landing highly damaging blows on your enemy on the first hit.

Frost Shot - This is your staple skill that slows enemy and it also makes her an effective chaser and helping your allies slow down a fleeing enemy.

Salvo(Volley) - This is great for farming and also using it against groups of enemies. It fires in a cone shape and the frost shot slow bonus is applied here. You can spam it as you get it to level 5, making it a good harassing skill.

Hawkshot - This allows you scout uncharted territory and it is useful for spotting ganks and see where your enemies are. At level 5, it has an extremely large range. You get some extra gold as well, which is great for farming.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow - This is a great initiator for battles. Try to do it from range so that you get a longer stun time so your allies can start entering the battle. You can also use it chase down enemies as well.

Ashe Skill Sequence
Ashe Skill Sequence

Skill Seqence

Depending on who you are up against, going with volley is fine at the start. If you opponents like to gank early, you will probably want to get more levels in Hawkshot so you can scout for potential ganks.

If not, you can just follow the standard sequence.

Standard Item Build

Item Build for Ashe
Item Build for Ashe

Item Builds and General Strategy

Depending on your enemies, the damage dealing items with attack speed are the way to go. You will just have to be careful with this build as you are extremely fragile. You will not enter battles first. You only initiate if you are ganking someone. In team battles it is better to back off and let your team tanks engage first, then you can either start off with enchanted frost arrow or use volley to slow down your enemies.

Normally in team battles, the opponents will target you first, so be sure to play with extra caution. If they are extremely aggressive, then you might want to switch out another offensive item for some health items such as Aegis of the Legion or Banshee's Veil, which both provide some health and magic resist.

Early Game(1-7)

This is where you want to farm and harass enemy heroes. Play defensive if the enemies are aggressive. You don't want to die because it will hinder your farming progress.

Mid Game(8-13)

This is where the ganking starts. You can either flank an enemy with your allies or support them. This is where she shines. Make use of the bushes to ambush them foes. Farm the jungle when you get a chance.

End Game(14-18)

Once you have gotten your core items such as Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer, killing enemies shouldn't be too much to handle unless you get targeted first. Remember, stealth is your best strategy playing Ashe. Do not allow yourself to be wide open in a skirmish. It is bad for you, especially in team battles.

League of Legends Ashe Build Guide Conclusion

There you have it guys, hope that helped you clear up some of the things about Ashe, the frost archer!


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