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LoafCraft Cat Themed HD Minecraft Texture Pack (32 x 32)

Updated on May 18, 2011

Do you love kitties? Do you live Minecraft? Do you love HD texture packs? You are in so much luck! This is one of the most beautiful and innovative HD texture packs I've ever seen. With a distinctively feminine feel that makes even the most terribly creeper filled nights seem somehow homely, LoafCraft is a texture pack with a premise. The world is watched over by a Cat deity. It makes as much sense as anything else I've been exposed to since my arrival on planet Earth and it's certainly warmer and fuzzier than many other belief systems, so I figure why not run with it. (It should also be mentioned at this point that this texture pack is a compliment to the Loaf Cat mod, a mod that adds kitties to the game. Squee! Kitties!

Cult forming capacity aside, this is definitely a texture pack for people who like cats. Even if you don't have the Loaf Cat mod installed, kitties are everywhere. You see the Cat God in the smoke of a torch, and on the walls of sandstone creations. The kitty is everywhere.

Cat theme aside however (if it is possible to put the cat theme aside at all) this is a very well made texture pack. It has a pleasant smoothness and cleaness to it that many fans of simple texture packs will probably enjoy.

The terrain looks wonderfully beautiful, take this picture of a blossoming red flower for instance. It's almost a pity to rip it out of the earth and crush it into dye, it's so beautiful.

The theme's take on glowstone, a subtle gray shaded block with what I'm pretty sure is a cat's paw impressed on all sides, is nice too. So often glowstone becomes hideously garish in HD texture packs. The glowstone in LoafCraft is pleasantly understated, providing light without also hatefully attacking one's retinas.

T(m)NT is beyond awesome, represented as a reddish block with a darker cat's face with glowing red eyes. On top of every block is inscribed the warning: touch not the cat without a glove. Seeing as there aren't any gloves in Minecraft, the inevitable explosion can only be seen as punishment for failing to make gloves, or something like that.

At present time blocks of gold and iron and wool and such are free of cat themedness, but this is still very much a work in progress, so it is more than possible that this will be changed in future updates. At the time of writing, the mob textures for friendly animals like chickens and pigs had not been changed, however the creeper has been given a makeover, as have the ghasts.

Download LoafCraft HD Texture Pack


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