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Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound

Updated on November 15, 2012

When it comes to gaming hardware, Logitech has always been one of the big names in the industry that gamers prefer for all these years. This is very sensible taking into consideration all the gaming hardware the manufacturer has invented so far. However, this does not necessarily mean that Logitech can sit back and relax while its competitors are trying to gain a larger market share in the gaming world. This seems to be one reason why gamers can now enjoy the Logitech wireless gaming headset G930 with 7.1 surround sound.

The design of the G930 looks similar to that of its predecessor, the G35. Both of them come with ear cups that are quite large and are accompanied by a memory foam for more comfort. But Logitech may not have to change this after all, except for those that may have some TMJ problems. Otherwise, the headsets are comfortable to put on and they block the outside sound so that gamers can focus on the sound of the game they are playing. In addition to that, the headset is also comfortable to use for long duration of gaming.

However, while the G35 was not really rotatable, the G930 is capable of rotating up to 180 degrees. Unfortunately, apart from for laying it on a table or other surfaces, this rotation capability does not seem to matter too much when it comes to comfort or functionality of the headset itself.

One main feature of the Logitech G930 wireless gaming headset is the 7.1 surround sound system. With this features, gamers will be a step ahead in playing games as such a sound system will let them hear any sounds or noises such as footsteps, reloading of weapons or even picking up of items.

The G930 wireless gaming headset from Logitech also comes with a Dolby switch, volume dial, a mute button and 3 programmable buttons. All these controls can be found on the left side of the wireless headset. The programmable buttons are particularly handy to use as shortcuts to games but first, gamers will have to determine what each of the buttons will do via the control panel. In addition to becoming shortcuts to games, gamers can also use the programmable buttons (also known as the G keys) to morph their voice or toggle chat clients.

Gamers can also find a noise canceling microphone on the left side of the G930. This microphone can be bent to virtually any positions. Then, when gamers want to mute it, they can simply bend the microphone upwards rather than click on a particular button. However, though, there is also a button to mute the microphone in case gamers do not want to change the position of their microphone.

In order to enhance the gaming experience, Logitech has also provided this particular headset with its own sound card that will bypass the gamers system. There is also a small USB transceiver that will not stick out too at the back of the computer. Fortunately, the headset is easy to install. All gamers have to do is simply plug in the USB transceiver and wait for the drivers to complete the installation automatically. Afterwards, the headset will be powered on and ready to use.

Coming with 2.4GHz wireless transmission, the G930 proves to be the perfect choice for a wireless gaming headset that will not experience lagging while in use. That, combined with the ability of the headset to reach 40 feet (or around 12 meters), makes sure gamers can take their headset wherever they move around in their house. This is very handy because gamers will no longer have to leave the conversation with their team but they can listen to everything their team is planning instead to win the game.

For the gamers out there that normally play games in quite a long duration, the battery life of the G930 headset seems to be what they need. Capable of supporting the headset for 10 consecutive hours, gamers will not have to bother recharging and can focus on the game itself. Yet, when the time comes to recharge the headset, gamers can still use it while it is recharging. Gamers can charge the device using the micro USB port located on the bottom side of the left earpiece.

However, there may also be some drawbacks in that gamers will have to install certain software before they will be able to use the device with any games. Fortunately, with the average specification of the modern gaming PCs, installation is only a matter of seconds away.

Another drawback is perhaps the price tag that comes with the G930 wireless gaming headset. Gamers can choose less expensive gaming headset but they may not be as satisfactory as the G930. Furthermore, considering the 7.1 surround sound system besides all the other features it has, it seems that the G930 is worth the price after all.


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