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Logos Quiz Answers

Updated on March 5, 2014

Branding In Childhood

I'm not sure when branding became something I sought after. It could have been Saturday morning cartoons or at the movie cinema, but advertising was something I was aware of, since first grade.

My grandfather was an entrepreneur who was the first person to bring the mini storage concept to Tulsa, in the 60s/70s. As a kid, he was the guy I looked up to most. My perception was that he always had something going on and was working hard to make things happen.

Inspired by his hustle, I went to a convenience store and came up with this idea to start selling candy on the playground during recess. I bought some Now & Laters, Starbursts and Jolly Rancher wrapped candies.

I sold the first two for 25 cents each and the wrapped candy went 2 for a quarter. Pretty soon, I was blowing through candy, restocking and able to have some spending money for the arcade or baseball cards.

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A Game Called Spot

In the neighborhood, during elementary and junior high school, a few of the neighborhood kids would get together and ride our bikes up to the movie theater that was about 6 blocks away. Collectively, we didn't have much money, so we would go during the day in summer and on weekends.

Matinees were our thing because, once the movie was over, we would ride a few more blocks over to a video arcade to cap off our outing. During the movie, we would play a game called Spot.

We didn't know it at the time, but we were watching product placement in movies. Spot worked on a point system. For every logo or product we saw in full view, the person that said "Spot" first, would get a point. If the logo or product was not in full view, but more in the background (ie. poster on a wall, can of coke on a table, etc), the person who said "Spot" would get 2 points.

The stakes were that the person with the fewest amount of points had to buy a dollars worth of game tokens at the arcade afterwards. Inevitably there would always be one or two kids who wouldn't play because they couldn't afford it if they lost. They liked the game, so they would be the point calculator. The person at the end of the movie with the fewest amount of points would be declared the loser.

The point calculator's responsibility was to hold onto our dollar bills and tally the points. Sometimes we would not play the game because we all really wanted to watch the movie (ie. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Tron). We would decide before the movie, if Spot would be "On" or "Off" for the showing.


Adulthood And Beyond

As we all grew older, we grew apart. Some kids moved away, others got into trouble, some went on to attend college. One of my fonder memories was playing Spot with my friends. One of the main things I write about are mobile apps.

Mobile App Reviews have become a passion because it reminds me of this period in time and it also gives me a great way to see what app developers are doing and new gaming concepts that are available for the smartphone or tablet.

Picture Puzzle and Room Escape Apps have been a focal point of my reviews for the latter part of 2012 and most of 2013. Logos Quiz was released in the 4th quarter of 2012 and has been a solid player on the free app charts, ever since. This game immediately teleported me back to the mid 80s and my childhood.


How To Play Logos Quiz

Logos Quiz is based on an exam style concept. Each level pack has several dozen logos. Once you select a logo to try and answer, you will spell out the brand. Each question is timed. Once you successfully guess the logo, you will be given coins and assigned a score.

You must answer every logo before advancing to the next level pack. Boosts can be purchased using your coins. These boosts are available in the in-app virtual store. 3 Hints will give you a factoid about the brand that should jog your memory. Resolve will answer the logo question for you. Ask allows you to reach out to one of your social networks for help. Bomb will wipe out your virtual keyboard and leave the remaining letters that are used in the answer, as well as only a few that aren't.

As I continued to play this game, two realizations came to mind. It's amazing to me just how many of these logos/brands I actually knew. Conversely, it was also amazing to me how many logos/brands were on the tip of my tongue, looked very familiar, yet for the life of me, I could not figure out.


Safety Nets

I found myself stuck on more than a few occasions. The dilemna is that I spent all of my coins on boosts and had used them all up prematurely. Without the ability to earn coins or use boosts, the only thing I could do was resort to a cheat site for answers. I could have just as easily quit the game, but I wanted to see just how many logos and brands were in this game.

Luckily, Logos Quiz Answers was able to get me going again and on to several more level packs. I'm really glad that a site like this exists because I enjoyed playing the game and didn't want it to be over or quit the game in defeat because it was a great time killer. Someone taking the time to list every level with all of the answers was a big relief.

If you are a fan of branding, advertising or marketing, this game will give you hours of free enjoyment and fun. My layover at the airport breezed by, while I tried to advance to new level packs. I strongly recommend Logos Quiz.


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