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Loot Crate: Unboxing the Awesomeness

Updated on February 8, 2014

Alright, maybe I'm the strange one, but I actually enjoy getting things in the mail. Not necessarily junk mail, but just stuff. Actually opening a box, and unpacking everything. I have bought a few "Random Boxes of Junk" (that's what THEY call it, not me), and always enjoy checking out the cadre of items that are thrown into a box.

Which is why I was really excited to get my first Loot Crate. The first issue that I received was Issue 6 (I KNOW, I'm late to the game!), and I was really surprised at what I received for just under $20.

We start with the box.

So this is the Launch pack, which is a pack that is put together with mostly space-centric items. Well, sort of. Some are more loosely based on space than others... Anyway, I'm talking about the contents of the box, AND WE HAVEN'T EVEN OPENED IT YET!! So anyway...

I don't know about you, but I always listen to cardboard boxes with instructions and appealing iconography. Already, I'm liking this packaging. It's one of those things where you think "If they put this much effort into their packaging, then this is going to be awesome!"

So I open the box for real this time, and this is my first glimpse of my cool box of stuff.

That's a lot of stuff jammed into one little box! When I saw the Domo Vinyl figure, I was already surprised, because that would be a good $10-$15 in just that one item, Now, let's check out each of the items, shall we?

Loot Crate Issue 006 Magazine

This is a little magazine-type thing that apparently comes with each box. This is issue six (which came in the 6th box), and it has a bunch of stuff in it. An article that talks about how some popular movies would be changed if Superman were the main character, an interview with Bobak Ferdowski, aka NASA's Mohawk Guy, a how-to guide on launching your own weather balloon into space, and pictures of other customers showing off their Loot Crate swag! And the back half of the magazine shows each item that came in the Loot Crate that you just opened! Which.... seems a little weird, but if you don't know what something is (like what happened to me, twice!) it would be really useful.

Minecraft 2014 Calendar

A 7" X 7", 16 month calendar, with fan art from everybody's favorite low-fi video game that a lot of people are secretly completely sick of, MInecraft! Some of the art is actually really good, though. I have it hanging in my room, where it will stay on January until probably October, where I'll then just throw it away, because my phone tells me the date, and I keep all of my events on that calendar anyway..... But it is really cool.

Star Wars Pocket Model Trading Card Game

I guess this is a collectible card battling game, but I'm not really into those kinds of games. But, they did have these little figurines that you play with, that you have to pop out of the plastic sheet, and fit together, so I did that. They're pretty cool, and they're just going to sit on my shelf, without ever playing the game that they are for... And I totally got a Yoda card that is called "Hate Leads To Suffering", so I'm pretty stoked about it.

Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book

This is actually pretty funny. It's a pocket guide to the languages in the Star Wars universe, including how to communicate with the Hutts, Ewoks, Wookies, Droids, Jawas, Sand People, and Gungans. It's actually looks like an interesting and funny read, and I put it on my stack of backlog of books that is so high, it makes Denver look like a seaside resort... There is are throughout by Sergio Aragones, a very prolific cartoonist, as well.

Stickers, Patches, and Buttons

It also came with a NASA "Meatball" Emblem Patch for you jacket, a Melting Rubik's Cube Wall Graphic (that I was bummed couldn't go on my car...), a Star Trek Communicator Badge sticker, and the first commemorative Loot Crate button! I will probably slap those stickers on something dumb, like my laptop or my dog, but I probably won't use that patch. The pin is pretty cool, though, and I will totally use that.

And now, the Piece De Resistance!

Superman POP! Domo Vinyl

I don't know a lot about this little Domo guy, but I know he is really popular. And Superman is pretty cool, too. Slap those two together, and you get this cool little figure!

And no, I'm not one of those people that needs to keep things in their original boxes. Let's see some action shots!

I'm ready for my close-up

Dramatic pose while staring in the distance (don't mind the Ohio State flag...)

And that's it! A bunch of really cool stuff for under $20. For me, it was totally worth it. I enjoy these random mishmashes of flim flam and gobbledygook, and I was not disappointed!

If you want to check out Loot Crate for yourself, or if you know of someone that would be interested in this package, then click here, and check it out! I'm sure it would be an awesome gift for that special nerdy someone, because it's like eight gifts in one!

Have you already received a Loot Crate? Tell me what you thought about this one, or previous ones, in the comments!


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