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Love Harry Potter PC Games

Updated on July 1, 2013

Harry Potter Movies and the PC games

I went through a stage when the Harry Potter movies came out, that I would play these childlike games on my laptop, I got hooked on it from a friend who I worked on the cruise ships who was playing one. I would be so engrossed in them for hours, time would just go, I kept getting stuck on some of the levels, I would have to start over, but as they say practice makes perfect. It just shows you perseverance and you can achieve your goals.

I kept getting the latest one as the movies came out. I went to England and to that university town where some of the scenes were filmed by accident and as I was walking around I suddenly realized wow this must be the area where they played quid ditch. Or the great big hall brought back something from the movies and games.

When you think of the little world of Harry Potter, for kids and adults it’s the same, all those great moments from the movie come alive in this fantasy world of the games, whether on the pc, Nintendo Wii. It really is a wonderful gift for kids and adults alike.

Harry Potter


Some of the Harry Potter Games

Some of the games:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

I got a Mac and then I could not get my favorite games, which are pretty much the only thing I missed after I got a Mac instead of a pc. EAGames makes the pc games and they have not always made them for Mac as I discovered. Update, you can now get Harry Potter games for Mac's they are making them again EA.

Some more on Harry Potter games

Which Harry Potter ones were your favorite?

Which Harry Potter game or movie was your favorite?

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Quidditch World Cup PC Games

I always loved playing this, lots of fun.

Quidditch World Cup made by EA Games and EA Sports, its about the fictional sport of Quidditch from the Harry Potter franchise.

The player in the Hogwarts Quidditch Cup competition, what you are doing is competing with the four other houses of Hogwarts with names called, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. The players who win this house competition qualify to play in the Quidditch World Cup, where you compete against the United States, England, France, Germany, The Nordic Countries, Japan, Spain, Australia and Bulgaria.


In the part the player is competing for the actual Hogwarts house teams, they are represented by characters from the books. Harry Potter for Gryffindor, Draco Malfoy for Slytherin, Cedric Diggory for Hufflepuff, and Cho Chang for Ravenclaw. Once the player makes the choice of a team, the actual character flies off on his broomstick. Say it is the character first time, a short statement regarding his skills and his house challenges.

7 House Challenges:

  1. Passing

  2. Tackle and Shoot

  3. Seeker

  4. Beaters and Bludgers

  5. Special Moves

  6. Combos

  7. Hogwarts Cup Final Match

First 3 Challenges are open, the Beaters and Bludgers, Special Moves are only unlocked after the first Quidditch match, Combos gets unlocked after you have completed the second match. Once you have completed the second match you unlock the final challenge which is the Hogwarts cup final match.

High scoring teams stand a better chance of winning after 3 games they will win the Cup. Which unlocks the Quidditch World Cup.

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

This 2002 games development by EA was made for Windows, Mac and Game Boy Color systems as well as Playstation. The gameplay is very basic you take control of Harry exploring Hogwarts castle and the grounds. You will find lots of events that tie into the second book by Rowling, lots of fun activities to do.

A few of the Spells

Flipendo – allows you knock your enemy back and you also flip switches.

Lumos – gives you the light to find those magical secret panels in the darkness.

Diffindo – allows you to cuts ropes, vines, and remove tapestries that cover chests and draws.

Expelliarmus – overcomes your opponent's spells repels it away.

Skurge – removes the ectoplasm that covers chests and drawers.

Avifors – magically change a statues or a rock into a bird.

Incendio – makes bluebell flames to burn aways spiderwebs that cover chest and to light torches.

Alohomora – get to unlock chests and doors.

Fetch Boy, Fetch – how to call Hagrid's Dog, Fang.

The Plot

Harry Potter is so excited to leave his non-magical life behind with an awful summer with the Dursleys, they kept him locked in his room for long lengths of time for his second year. During his summer holidays he gets a message letting him know fatal danger awaits his return to Hogwarts. He gets rescued by Ron, Fred and George Weasley in the flying car of their dad's.

They spend a short while at the Weasleys, they go shopping for school items at Dragon Alley, where them bump into Gilderoy Lockhart, the famous wizard of good deeds, he wants a photo shoot with Harry. They also bump into Draco Malfoy, Harry's arch-enemy who makes fun of him about going into the bookshop saying it will make front page news. Malfoy's father Lucius gives Ginny a book, he says, “least he can do for the poor and needy”. Harry and Ron realize they have missed the Hogwarts Express with all the shopping. They use the flying car to go to Hogwarts, unfortunately the car cuts up they then crash into the Whomping Willow. They manage to escape but the car flies away by itself, they are happy to be back at Hogwarts even if they get moaned at.

The prediction of disaster seems to be coming true with the new term starting as weird happenings, Harry even hears voices through walls. Harry discovers Mrs Norris and a almost headless Nick one night frightened beyond words “The Chamber of Secrets have been Opened. Enemies of the Heir … Beware!” written in blood on the walls.

The students pleaded with their teachers who then told them the legend of the Chamber of Secrets. Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salzaar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw were the actual founders of Hogwarts. The three Godric, Helga and Rowena were in agreement that Muggle-borns could go to Hogwarts except Slytherin who was against it, he left but prior to leaving he built a chamber which was named “The Chambers of Secrets”, it had a big monster living there, only the “Heir to Slytherin” was able to open this chamber.

The three of them Harry, Ron and Hermione join the dueling club. Harry gets to duel with Malfoy who casts a snake, that attacks the students, Harry does a couple of hisses, he simply was saying “Leave them alone”, the snake leaves. Hermione lets Harry know that he was actually speaking Parseltongue, a language of the snakes, and that Salzaar Slytherin was famous for speaking Parseltongue. She said that people might think Harry was a descendant of Salzaar Slytherin.

Harry ponders that Malfoy is the heir of Slytherin with all on his mind, Hermione makes Polly-juice potion to hide Harry as Goyle. Harry then slithers into the Slytherin common room, he asks Malfoy some questions. Malfoy is not the Heir, he says that 50 years ago the chamber opened when a Muggle girl died. Malfoy is hoping that the chamber will open and Hermione will die.

Harry changes back to himself and he discovers a black book, which was a diary from a boy called Tom Marvolo Riddle. Harry goes back 50 years into this boys memory, he sees Hagrid get confronted by Tom, who blames Hagrid's pet, a baby acromantula called Aragog, for opening the Chamber of Secrets and the pet gets expelled. Harry learns that the diary or book had been stolen, as he talks to Ron and Hermione. He goes to Hagrid's Hut on the grounds to talk to him, he observes Lucius Malfoy trying to arrest Hagrid, and telling Dumbledore, as he is in charge of the Ministry of Magic, it is time to step down as the 12 members feel it is such time.

Harry follows Lucius an Hagrid into the forest where they see a big Aragog, who is an enormous and lethal Acromantula. He tells them that it was not him but a bigger creature that had caused the girls death in the bathroom, he tries to kill Harry but Ron saves him.

They get back to school only to discover Hermione scared to death with a scrap of paper in her hands, which refers to a creature called the balsilk. This creature has sharp teeth with killer eyes that kill at whoever it glances at, this is the king of monsters. Harry works it out that Hermione had seen this balsilk's eye through a mirror, Mrs Norris seen its reflection in a puddle of water, Nick was scared as he was dead already.

Harry then is cognizance that the girl that Aragog said was killed was Moaning Myrtle the ghost that still lives in the girl's bathroom hanging there, prior to Ginny being kidnapped by monster. The students are under orders to stay in the common rooms to be safe. Gilderoy Lockhart has the actual task to get Ginny back, Harry and Ron hear that he has no clue, just basking in credits from others.

They think logically that the entrance must be in the girl's bathroom, they go with Lockhard, Harry speak parseltongue to open the chamber. They end up miles under the school, Lockhart tries to gray Ron's broken wand, to erase their memory, it backfires for him, as it hits him hard, the roof falls in on him and Ron. They are safe but unable to get out, Harry carries on to the chamber on his own. There he finds Ginny lying unconscious on the floor, with the book/diary next to her. Tom Riddle comes alive as a ghost he says that he saved his 16 year old self in the diary feeding on her memories, he became strong to get his soul back. He calls the balsilk and Dumbledore's pet bird Fawks attacks the balsilk. Harry used Gryffindor sword he discovers on the floor, beats the balsilk, stabs Tom Riddle's diary, thereby killing Tom's soul.

Ginny comes around, says she is sorry for all her actions, she says Tom made her slash walls with words, and that she had stolen the diary as well.

Dumbledore's place as Minister of Magic restored, they sack Lucius. The House Cup ceremony starts Malfoy taunts Harry that they will not steal the Cup from them like last year. Slytherin gets second place, and Gryffindor wins! The Gryffindors are victorious in there celebration.

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