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Lower League Manager in Football Manager 2010 Part 6

Updated on July 17, 2011
Barnet position
Barnet position


This is my 6th article about playing as Lower League Manager in Football Manager 2010. I have success of promotion from Coca Cola League 2 to Premier League. The following article is about my fifth season as Barnet Manager. Please check back my previous articles about LLM in Football Manager. I have selected lowest active league from Coca Cola League 2. This mean the following league is included in the game engine: Coca Cola League 2, Coca Cola League 1, Coca-cola Championship and Premier League.

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Team Preparation

After successful 1st - 4th seasons on Barnet, I managed to stay in English Premier League for my fifth season. My board again has a very minimum expectation in this new league and suggests fighting bravely against relegation to Coca-Cola Championship league. My board has provided £22.0 million of transfer budget and a wage budget of £82K per week for this expectation.  I also confirmed the board ambition of avoiding relegation on my first season in premier league, though my personal ambition is to achieve mid-table finish. This season should be easier hence I can refresh my players again and after 1 season of experience playing in EPL.

My Barnet also moved to new stadium, Barnet Stadium which has 18,000 capacities. My team was given £29,400,000 for TV rights over the next season. I was offered a 6,000 per week new contract for two years by my team board. My team also signed a new one year main sponsorship kit to be worth of £1,500,000. My team also made a top rich list which currently is sitting in 68th place for £38million worth.

New Barnet Stadium
New Barnet Stadium


I also decided to let go most of my players again. I hired 2 new coaches and a new assistant manager, David Lowe. I didn’t loan any player this season. I signed 9 new players for different positions for £6.25million. Again, getting all these players was not easy. I did offer about 15-20 players to join my Barnet team, only managed to get only 9 players to support my campaign in EPL. I also sold 12 players for £12.75 Million; I also let go 1 player to accommodate my new signees. The following is the list:

Chris Fitzpatrick, Free

Gary Shorey, Defender (Center), Burnley, £1.1M

Raymond Higgins, Defender (Center), Aberdeen, £1.6M

David McEwan, Winger Right, Inverness CT, £220K

Sergio, Defender (Center), Sevilla, £1.3M

Raul Nava, Striker, Toluca, £1.1M

Krisztian Nemeth, Striker, Free 

Paulinho, Goalkeeper, Corinthians, £925K

players in
players in
players out
players out
final position
final position

During the season

After managed to sign various players, I start my friendly games. I managed to win 3 games and draw 1 game. I started my season with a pathetic effort, I managed to win 1 game (Wolverhampton Wanderers) , drew 1 game against Aston Villa and lost 3 games against Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United & Fulham. First half of season has a lot of up and down for my team, however I managed to save my season with a stunning win on second half of the season.

Also, I managed to get the EPL Manager of the month award for the April month. During this period, my Barnet team won 4 games against Hull, West Brom, Birmingham, and Blackburn.

So, my final league position is 6th on English Premier League. I was given £15,474,000 for my 6th position. I won 18 games, drew 8 games, and lost 12 games. Again, I did better on most of my home games than my away games. My top goal scorer is Raul Nava with 13 goals. The top assister is Krisztian Nemeth with 15 assists which is tie for top assister. My team managed to score 53 goals and conceded 42 goals. This result is much better than my previous season.

home games tactic
home games tactic

My tactics

I’m still playing with 4-1-2-1-2 formation especially on away games and stronger opponent teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, etc. I also played 4-4-2 formation when I’m at home. 

Next season preparation

I’m off to prepare my team for next season in English Premier League (EPL) as Barnet Manager for the next season. I may need to loan and transfer several players to prepare my season as usual. I’ll also compete in UEFA Cup which should provide additional financial boost for my team.


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      chan0512 7 years ago from Camarillo, CA

      @Lilly Thanks for your comment

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      Lori J Latimer 7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      I am sorry I do not participate or really know what all this is about, but You do, and it is obvious you have a lot of good information to pass to those who do participate...Write on!