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Lower League Manager in Football Manager 2010 Part 7

Updated on July 16, 2011
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Lower League Manager in Football Manager

If you have opened this article, you might want to check my previous articles part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of my team. This article is all about PC Games Football Manager 2010. Football Manager is a PC Games made by Sport Interactive Games and published by Sega. I have managed this Barnet team from English Coca-Cola League 2 to English Premier League. I managed to stay 2 seasons in English Premier League. This season is my six seasons with my team. I will play in UEFA European Cup as well.


My team was given £29,400,000 for TV rights over the next season. A new one year main sponsorship kit to be worth of £2,200,000 was signed for the next season. My team also made a top rich list which currently is sitting in 39th place for £59 Million worth. I also set start of season expectations to achieve the Top Half Finish in English Premier League. I was given a transfer budget of £24 Million and wage budget of £130K per year. I was offered a 10,500 per week new contract for two years by my team board.

4-4-2 formation
4-4-2 formation

National Manager - Scotland

To my surprise, I was offered to coach Scotland national team to replace Craig Levein. I accepted the position. The FA indicated their expectations to qualify for the forthcoming European Football Championship. My Scotland team is placed in Group A with Czech Republic, Hungary, San Marino, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

My best of eleven for Scotland team are:

  1. Craig Gordon, Goalkeeper
  2. Alan Hutton, Defender Right
  3. Danny Wilson, Defender Left
  4. Raymond Higgins, Defender Center
  5. Christophe Berra, Defender Center
  6. David McEwan, Midfielder Right
  7. Graham Dorrans, Midfielder Left
  8. Kevin Thomson, Midfielder Center
  9. Darren Fletcher, Midfielder Center
  10. Steven Fletcher, Striker
  11. Aaron Spear, Striker

With these players, I managed to won 5 games against Czech Republic, Hungary, San Marino, Belgium, and Luxembourg; and lost 1 game against Belgium on my 1st year as the Scotland Manager.

players in
players in
players out
players out

New Players for my Barnet

I again signed various players to strengthen my team for £18.75 million and I sold 7 players for £26 million. The following is the list of my new players:

  1. Mark Russell – Attacking Midfielder Right, Center
  2. Femi Orenuga - Attacking Midfielder Left, Center
  3. Marvin Young - Midfielder Left, Center
  4. Junior Gonzalez – Defender Center
  5. Alvin Scott – Defender Right, Center
  6. Simon Moore - Midfielder Center
  7. Zbynek Sokol - Goalkeeper
  8. Matthew Hayward - Defender Center
  9. Juan Ricardo Ramirez - Defender Left, Center
  10. Salvador Dominguez – Defender Right, Left, Center
  11. Kyle Quigley – Midfielder Center

uefa cup won
uefa cup won

Final position

My team finished the same place as last season (i.e 6th position) on English Premier League. I was given £15,474,000 for my 6th position. I won 17 games, drew 17 games, and lost 4 games. Again, I did better on most of my home games than my away games. My top goal scorer is Raul Nava with 12 goals. The top assister is Lutfi Kaymak with 11 assists. My team managed to score 52 goals and conceded 30 goals.

On UEFA Cup / Euro Cup, I managed to win it all. On the final games, I won 0-0 full time with 3-1 penalties against Manchester City. My Barnet team was awarded £2,600,000 for winning against Man City. My team also was given £4,000,000 for TV revenue.

Couple other achievements:

  1. The EPL Manager of the month award for the February & April month
  2. FA Cup 3rd round
  3. League Cup Quarter Final

Scotland Team Result

On Scotland national team side, I won 5 games (Hungary, Luxemburg & San Marino) and lost 1 game against Belgium.

4-1-2-1-2 formation
4-1-2-1-2 formation

My tactics

I’m using 4-1-2-1-2 formation again especially on away games and stronger opponent teams like Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, etc. I managed to beat Chelsea both home (2-0) and away (1-0) games with this formation. I also played 4-4-2 formation when I’m at home and against weaker team.

Next season preparation

I’m off to prepare my team for next season in English Premier League (EPL) as Barnet Manager for the next season. I may need to loan and transfer several players to prepare my season as usual. I’ll again compete in UEFA Cup.


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      Lori J Latimer 7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      You know your Stuff! Keep on keeping on, in another couple of weeks, Football is going to be a #1 search word in the US. Write On!