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Lux Delux - A Sillysoft Game Of Odds

Updated on December 1, 2012

Learn The Lux Odds And Win Against Reaper

An Online Version Of Risk

Let me share with you a game that if you have not heard of and you are a fan of classic strategy board games you will wonder what you ever did without it. Lux Delux is an online version of the classic Parker Brothers board game Risk. It is a game of world domination where the six players begin with a certain amount of armies and roll the dice to take over the 42 countries and 6 continents to declare themselves as the winner.

Lux Delux is available from Sillysoft Games at and provides many advantages over the original board game. For one, the game which is a game of dice in its board game form has been simplified so that you don't have to worry about calculating and rolling dice over and over. The software takes care of that for you and you only have to worry about who you are going to attack and where to place reinforcements. Secondly, there is a large community surrounding the game of Lux Delux and you can participate in forum discussions to get tips and techniques and check out other people's strategy guides, etc. The community allows anyone to develop maps for the game so there is a large amount of maps that you can play besides just the basic classic map which is the layout of the original risk board. One of the favorite maps is BIO-deux which is a map where certain countries are randomly marked as radioactive and cannot be taken. That sometimes simplifies things for taking a continent as you may have to take one less country to get a bonus or it may add difficulty to the map in regards to finding the path to domination. Other maps of all sorts exist such as castle risk maps, countries from all over the world, states, Indianapolis 500, a teleport map and you can take a crack at just about anything else that you can think of. And if there is not a map for an idea you have it is very easy to create one with the map editor and add your contribution to the Lux Delux community.

Another area that players can contribute is in the area of artificial intelligence bots. There is already a sizable groups of bots with various levels of intelligence that use varying tactics to kill the human players. The most powerful is probably Reaper who noone has yet to best in regards to creating a bot that can obtain a better winning percentage. Other bots such as Stooges or killbots just do random things such as attack continents to disrupt bonuses and wreak havoc. You can program a bot using the Lux Delux api and provide it to the community for use.

There is a ranking system that resets each week and allows online players to compete against each other for titles and glory. The game of Lux Delux is fun by itself playing against bots but it really gets interesting online when you match wit and diplomacy with 5 other human players. There is a map of the week that receives special medals and honors for those who participate and win in those games. There are even special tournaments during October during the festival of Luxtober. Everyone comes out from the rookies to the old-timers and there are tournaments of all kinds making for a really enjoyable month.

There is also Castle Vox, Ancient Empires Lux, and American History Lux which are separate games to change things up and play some really cool maps and all of them are playable on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. There is Lux Touch for use on an ipad, iphone or ipod. Now I should say that I am in no way involved with Sillysoft Games other than the fact that I really enjoy Lux Delux as many others do as well. If you decide to join in on the fun don't say that I didn't warn you that it is very addicting and you may find yourself spending a lot of time playing Lux. Guys have been known to lose their girlfriends due to their Lux addiction! Try it at and get your registration serial and I'll see you in the Lux matrix.


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    • JYersak33 profile image

      JYersak33 6 years ago from Statesville, NC

      I love this game. I have Luz Dlx 2 on my iPhone. Great time killer. I have started seeing how quickly I can win.