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MCEdit Free Minecraft Map Editing Tool

Updated on December 19, 2010
For more Minecraft hacks, tips, mods and tools:
For more Minecraft hacks, tips, mods and tools: | Source

MCEdit is a Minecraft map editing tool that allows you to make changes to your Minecraft map without taking the usual painstaking process of mining materials and placing them block by block. It is a form of cheating, perhaps it is the form of cheating, but if you want to cheat in a single player game and create large land formations, buildings and other creations without dedicating the next three years of your life to Minecraft, then this is the tool you'll need. Ignore the sneering from people who did it the 'proper' way – it's your life, live it how you want to.

MCEdit is not a mod that requires installation, it is a tool that loads Minecraft save files and allows for them to be edited. The interface is a little clunky and takes getting used to, but if you're the sort of person who figured out how Minecraft works beyond punching sheep in the face, you'll probably work it out okay.

A few quick benefits to using MCEdit:

Move Your Minecraft Spawn Point

The ability to move your spawn point. So often you explore for a bit (or a lot before settling down and building a wicked metropolis. If you die, you may not be able to find your way back, or it may simply be annoying and time consuming to do so. Using MCEdit, you can move your Minecraft spawn point.

Create Unique Maps

Take full control of your Minecraft world. Want an endless desert with but one oasis to live by? MCEdit can make that happen!

Build Large Structures Quickly Whilst Cackling

How long did your friends take to build that scale replica of the White House? Blow them away by putting together Notre Dame whilst also leveling your Worgen mage to 85.

Is Using MCEdit Cheating?

The use of MCEdit doesn't always have to constitute cheating in the sense of creating buildings and other features that would usally be created by hard work, it can often simply be used to create the type of terrain that you want to play in. It is true that one of the major selling points of Minecraft is the way that new maps are generated uniquely every time you start a new world and indeed, new and unique terrain is created every time you explore, but sometimes you want to play in a certain type of world. Uncertainty is not always desired.

Though some will howl down all use of MCEdit, this Minecrafter happens to believe that tools like MCEdit, and INVedit can help dispel the inevitable ennui that starts to settle after you've destroyed your millionth stone block in what has become a soul sucking grind with no point whatsoever in mind. You can view using MCEdit as cheating, but then you'd also have to consider Neo from the Matrix a cheat as well for not dying at the hands of Agent Smith. Oh yeah.

Some caveats for the user: this may destroy everything you've ever created. Make backups before you go about the place using this tool willy nilly, especially in worlds you've already spent a great deal of time working on.

For download links and more specific information on how to install MCEdit and use it to best advantage, please visit the OFFICIAL MCEDIT THREAD.


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