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MMORPG Review: Runescape Facts

Updated on May 13, 2012


In this hub I will discuss all of the unbiased facts about Runescape. This allows you as the reader to make a judgement about the game without being swayed in anyway by my personal opinion. The purpose of this is so that you can use the information below to decide whether or not this MMORPG is really worth spending your time playing. At the end, you can make the decision for yourself whether or not the game looks like something you would enjoy.


Below is the list of traits that is common to most MMOs and each one has next to it whether or not this game has those specific traits to it.

Combat: Yes

Classes: No

Storyline: No

Cut scenes: Only for subscribed players (members)

Character Customization: No

Multiple Character Slots: No

Auction House: Yes

Dungeoneering: Yes

Raids: No

PvP: Yes

Factions: No

Subscription Based: Free to play is limited

Distinct Traits

What happens when you die?

In Runescape when you die you are left with only a few of your most valuable items and teleported back to Lumbridge (the starting town). Then there is a gravestone left at which you can collect your dropped items for five minutes, although this time can be extended or cut short by other players.

What makes it different?

There are many things that are different about Runescape compared to other MMOs. The biggest thing however would probably be the way the combat is set up. Most other MMOs actually have skills that you can click on when in combat, but runescape is a turn based combat system in which your character just hacks, slashes, blasts a fireball, or shoots an arrow. The only similarity in Runscape has in the combat selection toward other MMOs is if your are a mage with which you can disable others and do certain other abilities similar to those in other MMOs.

The dungeoneering is also different in the fact that there are no actual assignments about who is tank, healer, and dps. Also, you cannot take any of your own equipment in; it is actually given to you when you enter and there is a trader inside with which you can exchange any coins and items you find fore better equipment, food, materials, etc.

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