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MMORPG Review: Star Wars the Old Republic

Updated on May 13, 2012
Star Wars the Old Republic Beta
Star Wars the Old Republic Beta

Initial Experience

After playing many other RPGs and being a huge Star Wars fan, I waited two years for this game to come out. About every other week I would check the website and view the updates that they had to offer, and by the time it came out I was prepared to make my first character (and i pretty much already knew exactly what class tree I wanted too). When I did, OI began with a bounty hunter. After reaching Level 18 with him, I began an imperial agent, then a sith inquisitor, then a jedi knight (i also played a trooper for the weekend beta). All of these different character experiences and story lines led me to think one thought: this game is awesome! As I kept playing through and making my character more powerful, I began to love the game more and more (I especially loved space battles too, mostly because it had a mini-game feel to it) until... my schedule became busy.

My Personal Gameplay

Even though it was a highly anticipated game, and I loved playing through it and making all of the amazing choices involved, I just became too busy. As I kept trying to play for ten minutes here and there I realized that SWTOR is a game that you cannot really play for a few minutes at a time, especially when you are trying to play a bunch of different characters at a time. To make matters worse, when I tried to play on another character I had completely forgot what I was in the middle of. When I went to continue my storyline I did not understand a lot of it because I had forgotten what I did before that. Also, when trying to power-level (for the main quest), my lack of time caused the cut scenes to become quite annoying and skipping them caused me to miss many important facts that were not shared in the quest log. SWTOR may have its high quality storyline and even an amazing leveling system, but sometimes I feel as though these amazing one-of-a-kind traits cause the few flaws that it has as well.

Star Wars the Old Republic: Malik and Revan
Star Wars the Old Republic: Malik and Revan

Final Thoughts

Star Wars the Old Republic is the perfect game for someone who has a lot of free time, loves Star Wars, loves deep story lines,and/or loves multiple characters. SWTOR is an amazing game, but if you are looking for something to play for a few minutes here and there, it can become overwhelming. Star Wars the Old Republic's amazing choice, legacy, and story line systems has created a new standard for future MMOs to come. I highly suggest it for a serious gamer, especially one who wants to make their own jedi.

But if this does not sound like the game for you, feel free to check out my other game reviews.


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