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MMORPG Review: Star Wars the Old Republic Facts

Updated on May 13, 2012
Star Wars the Old Republic
Star Wars the Old Republic


In this hub I will discuss all of the unbiased facts about Star Wars the Old Republic. This allows you as the reader to make a judgement about the game without being swayed in anyway by my personal opinion. The purpose of this is so that you can use the information below to decide whether or not this MMORPG is really worth spending your time playing. At the end, you can make the decision for yourself whether or not the game looks like something you would enjoy.


Below is the list of traits that is common to most MMOs and each one has next to it whether or not this game has those specific traits to it.

Combat: Yes

Classes: Yes

Storyline: Yes

Cut scenes: Yes

Character Customization: Yes

Multiple Character Slots: Yes

Auction House: Yes

Dungeoneering: Yes

Raids: Yes

PvP: Yes

Factions: Yes

Subscription Based: Yes

Distinct Traits

What happens when you die?

You have the option to be repaired by a droid at the location of death or you can respawn at the nearest medical droid. In both scenarios your armor loses durability and you need to get it repaired at a shop (or else your equipment will not be as effective). You can also be resurrected by an ally if there is one nearby.

What makes it different?

First of all, it is stationed in the Star Wars universe! Finally, fans have an opportunity to immerse themselves into a star wars universe in which they can choose their own destiny and become whatever type of jedi or sith they have always dreamed of being. This brings me into the details about the different classes. Normally, games have the warrior, ranger, and mage to construct the different classes. But the Star wars universe has none of these, so the creators needed to get creative and came up with eight distinct classes that fit into their own roles (although the classes do have traits similar to the classes in other MMOs).

Also, every class has their own distinct storyline, in which you get to choose all of your characters decisions. The biggest and most crucial aspect to this storyline, is that all of your characters are connected. The legacy system in Star Wars the Old Republic allows you to create a family tree which links all of your characters together and even gives them all special abilities that they can use. These story, class, and legacy systems truly make SWTOR one of the few MMOs that have a true replay and multiple character value.

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