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Are MMORPG’s good or bad for our society?

Updated on March 10, 2011
A photo of Jesse the Vampire's character from an Ultima Online Game
A photo of Jesse the Vampire's character from an Ultima Online Game | Source


Mass multiplayer online role playing games, have taken the world by storm over the last 21 years. These types of games have become more strategic and graphical since they first began in 1973 with Dungeons and Dragons. When home computers were made available and affordable to individuals the MMORPG’s began taking over the gaming industry. MMORPG’s offer player’s different options, for example an individual can choose their race such as druid, elven, vampire, dwarf, or human, they can choose their class such as archer warrior, or mage, and they can choose their character’s look and personality making them unique. Also within the game individuals can have relationships through their characters with other characters. Depending on the game their characters can get married by having weddings and in a few games created for adults their characters can have sexual contact.

Games such as Ultima Online and World of Warcraft, are a few popular titles in the MMORPG industry. Individuals can become addicted to these games because their characters can be everything they want their physical selves to be. Individuals become emotionally attached to their characters, they can have limitless amounts of friends, choose their characters personality, and they can be rich, popular, and even envied by other players. In most cases an individual’s character is who the individual really wants to be, which makes their characters life more fulfilling than their own in the real world.

The negative effects of MMORPG’s are players tend to have no social life outside the game. Individuals that play these games often lose track of time and forget to eat becoming malnutrition, or they have their food delivered and eat while playing their game, which can cause obesity. Individuals also tend to lose large amounts of sleep, playing 48-72 hours before stopping. Individuals that play MMORPGs tend to be more aggressive. They become angry or irritable when they can’t play their game. Individuals that are addicted to these games find themselves having relationship difficulties problems at work, or school, because of the fact that all they want to do is play their game.

The benefits of playing MMORPG’s are it is easy to make friends no matter where their actual location is. Individuals can have friends in Asia, Europe, or Australia and they can all ply together within the same game at the same time. But is this benefit enough to override the bad? The opinions vary from person to person. The choice is yours to decide.




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