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MW3 Review: A Modern Disgrace

Updated on December 30, 2011

MW3 Overview

Call of Duty has been one of the most popular first person shooters (FPS) throughout the gaming market for at least a few years now. Activision and Infinity Ward teamed up to bring us Modern Warfare 1, which brought a new element to the CoD series and thrilled gamers with its extraordinary quality. The action was so good it could wake you up like a slap in the face (a good slap in the face that is). Hoorah. Later they also introduced Modern Warfare 2, which kicked it up more than just a notch with its roller coaster campaign, special ops mode and extra multiplayer modes. Call of Duty had become "the game" for many gamers who could not stop running around online with guns blazing.

Modern Warfare 3 was introduced to us in late 2011, accompanied by all the commercial hype and hopeful expectations. Because of the dispute between Infinity Ward and Activision after the release of Modern Warfare 2, Activision teamed up with Sledgehammer Games and they aimed for a bug free first release of Modern Warfare 3. Perhaps they aimed much too high.

The campaign of Modern Warfare 3 picks up where that of Modern Warfare 2 left off. It's short like that of Modern Warfare 1, but it does have good quality and is worth playing at least once. The special ops mode is back, which also contains survival mode, allowing 2 players to team up together and fight off waves of incoming enemies as long as they can hold out. Not a bad idea, but it grows rather monotonous in my opinion. At least it's a good way to learn some of the maps if you don't want to jump right into the multiplayer.

The multiplayer mode is more or less the same as what you may have previously seen. There are new maps loaded with details, there is some new equipment, the perks and killstreaks have changed a bit, and everything else has either stayed the same or gone away. The commando perk is gone, which means knifing is less effective. Quick scoping is still around, which means snipers must be using modified controllers (how that can even be considered fun is beyond my understanding). Respawning can be considered predictable, but not in the same way as the previous game.

MW3 Analysis

I like how you don't have to watch the intro. once you load the game because the intro. is terrible compared to those of MW1 & MW2. Quickly you arrive at the setup menu which is dark and gloomy. The multiplayer lobby music that you hear is close to action music (not good lobby music) that is better than what is heard during most parts of the game. Sometimes it's even quiet after a match, if you aren't hearing the same music over and over again. After the appearance I saw and music I heard in Modern Warfare 2 I expected more, but received much less.

The campaign adds to the story that had been built from previous games and there is good action, but it cannot come as a surprise because of the conditioning of previous games. The villain Makarov, is still at large, but for some reason he sounds different this time. Perhaps they wanted Makarov to sound creepier than last time, but instead he sounds worse than a villain version of Jerry Seinfeld (if that were possible), which is just plain annoying. What was wrong with his voice last time? The survival mode reminds me too much of the zombies mode in Black Ops, which quickly became boring after one or two tries.

The multiplayer, although highly anticipated, is sadly the most disappointing aspect of the game. Yes the maps are new and filled with quality detail, but it has the overall feeling of a Modern Warfare 2 map pack. Not only that, but a few of the maps rarely even come up in some modes (Downturn, Outpost & Bakaara). The weapons are basically the same, but tend to be less accurate and damage inducing, even at close range. The killstreaks are split into assault and support, limiting what you can get and when, although the support package is nice for those who can't stay alive because it does not reset when you die. The specialist package is nice if you are a big fan of the perks in the game, but you won't receive any killstreaks if you use it. There are some new equipment options such as the bouncing betty, which you can dodge by dropping to the ground when it pops up into the air.

The worst part regarding the multiplayer has to be the respawning. What a nightmare. Other players will spawn right next to you, behind you, or even into your line of sight while you aim. I found myself respawning into several players sights while they were aiming right at me. I've never played a game where such a thing has happened and it is unacceptable. Even though most of the maps are decently sized, the chaos that respawning provides makes them all appear very small. One can run around in a small area and easily run into enough players to obtain first place in most maps.

I don't use a mic, but I consistently heard players saying the same thing day after day: "There's always somebody behind me!" It was the theme of Modern Warfare 3. I constantly found myself in a state of motion because I knew that if I stopped, or if I moved too slowly, someone would shoot me in the back. It doesn't matter if you're sitting next to a spawn spot, someone will spawn there. It doesn't matter if you are looking directly at a spawn spot, someone will spawn there. There is no method to the madness, there are no respawn rules, no one is safe. Why is someone always behind me in this game? "It's Modern Warfare 3," I tell others, "it doesn't have to make sense."

Did the creators of Modern Warfare 3 really set out to make the best Call of Duty game yet? All I've seen is chaos and a really over priced map pack. Modern Warfare 3 should be recalled and refunds given.

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    • blondepoet profile image


      6 years ago from australia

      honey bun the hot hub is up I hope you like it and get lots new fans x

    • daveearley profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thanks! MW2 was my fav as well. So many good things to remember about the first two, I loved those games. MW3 is just awful, it's not even fun for me, and I love running around throwing knives at people. Top three accolades were for the throwing knife, longest distance traveled and combat knife. You can't stop moving because you will get shot in the back, count on that.

      I will not be buying any new CoD games thanks to this one and I will be trying other FPS's.

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 

      6 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Superb review, I'm glad you informed me of this atrocity. Not going to buy it now, as your opinion is all the evidence I need to prove that Infinity Ward is renaming their game to "Cow of Moneymaking: Haha fooled again 3".

      MW1 was pretty good, but not as thrilling as MW2. MW2 was short, but I suppose it's quality over quantity. MW3 is just a stale example of what Sierra are doing with Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Oh, and what Sega and Nintendo are doing with their best mascots.

      I honestly think the best CoD game of the series has to be CoD2 on the XBOX 360 - I was so thrilled by the action, the soundtrack, the multiplayer (yes, it took a brain to play) and it the payoff for completing it on Veteran was well worth it.

      Nice review! Keep 'em up! ^^


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