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MWR: DLC Map Pack 2 - Codename Regroup

Updated on September 5, 2017
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - DLC 2 Map Pack - Codename "Regroup"
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - DLC 2 Map Pack - Codename "Regroup"

MWR: Regroup Map Pack

A Reddit page back in July (of 2017) showed a screenshot of a French retailer adding information regarding a second map pack release for Modern Warfare Remastered. Its clearly stated in the leak the DLC pack being called "Regroup", and the release date set was 1st, August 2017. The page on the French retailers site was soon-after taken down.

It was leaked onto the web back in July on the website Reddit that there was the first hint at the possibility of there being a second map pack release for Modern Warfare Remastered.

Little has been spoken about the leak due to the source being difficult to prove. This is because the leak came from a screenshot of a French retailers site who had supposedly uploaded information about an MWR map pack 2 - named Regroup.

The leak image showed us that there was to be 4 new maps added to Modern Warfare Remastered as the official DLC 2 pack, and would include 3 reimagined maps from MW2, and 1 reimagined map from MW3. The leak image clearly stated the release date as 1st, August before the information was quickly removed from the retailers website.

August 1st came to pass and there was no sign of any new DLC map pack content for Modern Warfare Remastered. It was a rest-in-peace moment for the MWR fans holding out for this leak to be true.

The French retailer website screenshot leak may have been a phoney, as photoshop can do some pretty brilliant stuff if you have the right craftsman doing the work. But, who would go through all of the trouble to get some minor attention.

Call of Duty fans have remained vigilant in the face of the internet as there have long been leaks for Call of Duty content for the future that have not panned out to be true.

Reddit in many of the Call of Duty communities eyes is not enough to cut it when it comes down to leaks, as it takes a more reliable source to get a leak buzzing around the web.

However, it seems a little hasty to step away from this leak for two good reasons, the first being that MWR is still in its official life-cycle so why not bring new battlegrounds for players to fight one another, and the second being that MWR has been growing its player base since the standalone copy was released into worldwide retailers.

Why Hold Out Hope When There is Only 2 Months Until the Launch of Call of Duty's Latest Title, WW2

If you scroll down the questions written on Reddit's page for Modern Warfare Remastered, then you will quickly notice the niche support that has been given for the MWR title. Many have also repeatedly returned to comment in that they will likely still play in MWR into the life-cycle of COD: WW2.

Why not keep updating MWR whilst the WW2 COD cycle begins, as this way there will still be another Call of Duty to play next year when we move into 2018.

When conversations strike on the Reddit page for Modern Warfare Remastered concerning the game still being updated into the life-cycle of COD: WW2 there is typically someone spouting about the very idea being delusional.

When it comes down to Call of Duty the franchise is honestly unpredictable, as Black Ops 3 had another DLC release in 2016, a year into the next Call of Duty titles life-cycle (Infinite Warfare, MWR). Perhaps this was a one off given that BO3 was still hugely popular throughout 2015, 2016 and 2017.

This offers more credit to the thoughts that perhaps MWR will have its second map pack release towards the starting block for COD: WW2 as a way of trust to let MWR players know that they will still receive support for the game into late 2017/heading into 2018. Maybe.

There is also more proof ahead to back-up this theory, and that is in the form of a report that was sent out to Activision shareholders in 2017 that stated all of the releases that were scheduled for the year. Here, they listed an MWR map pack release for the third quarter, and the first map pack finalised its release onto consoles/PC in the second quarter.

The report may have been a mistake in listing the MWR map pack as being due out for release in the third quarter, or then again maybe this is official and we are simply still just waiting for Call of Duty: MWR to announce the new map pack.

Another possibility that ties in with everything that has just been said, is that perhaps in the final Call of Duty event in October before the launch of COD: WW2 they are planning on announcing the second map pack release for MWR. A good possibility.

Feel free to join in on the discussion, below.


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