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Mad Gab - A game for the whole family

Updated on November 12, 2010

Mad Gab

Mad Gab
Mad Gab

Mad Gab – A game for the whole family

Does Mad Gab make people mad?

It really is full of fun. It makes people confused with jumbled mondegreens of words. The game is making the hidden phrase of meaningful words using the given jumbled words.

In this Mad Gam game box, you get 300 cards with following kind of word sets, and you need to guess the correct phrase or sentence pronouncing those in different different ways.

Play it ans see…

The best way to introduce Mad Gab game to you is playing a game with you.

This is your trial puzzle…. Can you guess what this is?

Diesis cal if four near

Can you tell the correct phrase for this within a given time frame - say 60 seconds?

Now come-on! Let’s play one FREE trial Mad Gab game. Play it and feel the fun it gives!!

Start guessing!!!

Ask your friends, family members or anybody to join you and play this FREE TRIAL Mad Gab game. Count down 60 seconds or click-on your stopwatch, and within the same 60 s you should tell the correct answer to win. This is what the Mad Gab game is. You have all the puzzles in your cards, and rules in the instruction booklet. Get few plays gathered and start the fun.

(Before you finish this page you will get the correct answer of above puzzle to verify with yours)

Mad Gab

Mad Gab
Mad Gab

Online shopping is better…

Now you may be wondering how to buy this wonderful Mad Gab game. It’s much easy. Much more easier than guessing a correct phrase. Just make a few mouse clicks and order it online, and it is the fastest, easiest and most friendly way, and your Mad Gab game will be delivered right into your hands with no time.

Mud Gab pack contains 1,200 Mad Gab puzzles on 300 cards, timer unit, flipper unit, timer/flipper label, score pad and instructions. It is a comprehensive pack to play and enjoy.

If you could say the correct answer as “This is California”you have won the above Mad Gab puzzle.

Mad Gab is great. Isn’t it?

It is really full of thinking, arguing, shouting, fun, thrill, excitement, comedy and laughter. A perfect game in every aspect, for every age group who can read! A great choice to select as a gift for the coming festive season!! An unlimited enjoyment for whole family!!!

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