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Madcatz Rant

Updated on February 9, 2011
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the enemy!
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the enemy!

The only thing I really can't stand besides useless people is a shoddy quality of standard. Madcatz seems to almost exemplify this. Now, where am I getting this evidence from? Look at the forums. Almost every topic that involves Madcatz is about a problem they've come across with their controllers: D-Pads, Action Buttons, Trigger Buttons, etc.

I know this might seem appealing for being cheaper, but they are made what I affectionately call, "Crap Plastic". I've had one controller got it's Right Trigger Button broke off inside after only a month of playing. I got another one shortly after and the Right Shoulder Button got jammed the day I bought it.

The rub of this story is I've had my XBOX 360 controller for three years, playing it everyday and it's still good to go. Even though, Madcatz controllers are 20 dollars cheaper, you'll be replacing yours in no time. so stick with an official XBOX 360 controller and enjoy it for years to come.


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    • profile image

      JeSuisNerd 5 years ago

      I've had the same opinion of the Madcatz accessory crap, but I must give them kudos for the R.A.T. series of gaming mice. I've had a R.A.T.7 for a couple months and it's holding together like a top quality mouse would.