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Madden NFL 16 Career Mode Guide: A Beginner's Guide on Creating a Franchise Mode Quarterback

Updated on October 22, 2016

How to Get Started

On the main menu, click on Franchise Mode. Here, you decide whether to work on connected or offline franchise mode, with the former enabling you to connect with your friends and allowing you to interact with their seasons. The next step involves choosing your team, i.e. as either a manager or a player. For instance, if you decide to play as a quarterback, you will need to assign yourself the role of a Player by going to the Customize section and clicking on "Change Role".

As a player, you can decide to either play as a member of the currently active NFL rosters, or create another bespoke player. In this guide, we will use a created rookie since it provides a lot more customization options.

Know More about Current Quarterbacks in the NFL

The current NFL has a number of players to inspire you on the kind of quarterback you would like to be. It is therefore crucial that you know more about them.

The most fundamental but very important step to kick off your -- hopefully -- successful NFL career is ensuring that your bespoke player has got the right build to participate in the play the way you want him to. For instance, if you desire to create a giant QB who is nearly impossible to sack, you will probably need to consider people like big Ben Roethlisberger (6'5", 240 pounds). For an elusive QB, the 5'11", 206-pound Russell Wilson is a good choice.

Be sure to make the right picks as you build your players; people who are appropriate for the task ahead. Bearing in mind that most US footballers are huge, you may also need to confirm with Wikipedia their respective builds before you erratically settle on a 5'8", 160-pound “lightweight” as a 'realistic' pick.

Pick Your Favorite Playing Style

After you have settled on creating a QB, the next step involves choosing one of these four playing styles: Balanced QB, Strong Arm, Mobile QB and Pocket Passer. Your choice here depends on your favorite team as well as the team you normally play as in Madden. Each of them has both strengths and weakness as shown below:


Balanced QB

+ Good speed;

+ Good arm strength;

+ Good short accuracy;

- OK medium accuracy;

- Poor deep accuracy;

- Decent awareness.

Strong arm

+ Great arm strength;

+ Good deep accuracy;

- Poor short accuracy;

- Poor medium accuracy;

- Decent awareness;


Mobile QB

+ Good awareness

+ Good short accuracy

+ Decent medium accuracy

- OK arm strength

- Poor deep accuracy

Pocket Passer

+ Good accuracy;

+ Good arm strength;

+ Decent awareness;

- Poor speed;

- Poor carrying;

- Poor agility;

Your Favorite Playing Style?

See results

Once again, select the playing style that is most appropriate for you.

The next thing is selecting where you had been picked in the draft. If you feel you have enough confidence, you can choose to go as a high draft pick. This way, though you are going to be a starter for a lower-ranked team, you will not develop as fast as the rest. If a slow start is okay with you, then late round pick could be the best option for you. In addition to your player being able to develop much quicker, your initial ratings will also not be as bad as if you were undrafted.


While playing Madden NFL 16, your player receives objectives as the game progresses. Such objectives either appear in the ticker tape at the bottom of the screen or between plays next to players.

If you meet your objectives, you will earn XP that you can spend either upgrading your stats or purchasing traits. While certain objectives have to be achieved during a single drive, others are milestone targets that you could complete as your career or season progresses. Whenever you want to view your progress towards the long-term targets that you have set, then check on the 'Goals' menu. Being well focused on achieving your objectives helps you to accrue your XP faster and thus enabling you to upgrade your athlete quicker.

Upgrade Your Stats to Match Your Chosen Playing Style

The skills you decide to upgrade mostly depends on what kind of QB you have chosen to play as. Obviously, the stats you should first consider to spend XP on include throwing accuracy (with long throws having the lowest priority); awareness; play action (which depends on your team's playbook); as well as throw power also getting some early upgrades. From there onwards, your choice of upgrade depends on your quarterback style.

While a mobile QB will be more concerned with carrying, elusiveness and speed, a pocket passer will mostly be looking at improving his throwing.

Once again, remember to check out the stats of similar-styled quarterbacks to know where they perform best, as well as the skills that are of low priority so as to assist you in knowing where to spend on.


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