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Mafia Wars Bangkok Expansion Game for Facebook

Updated on July 18, 2011

Be an Online Gangster - Play Mafia Wars by Zynga Games

Mafia Wars Bangkok Release Date

Mafia Wars players can now expand their empires in the latest Mafia Wars expansion- Mafia Wars Bangkok. The Mafia Wars Bangkok release date changed and was very vague. But the beta version was released on January 22, 2010 and released to the general public January 28, 2010.

About the Latest Mafia Wars Expansion Facebook Game

Mafia Wars Facebook online gamers wannabe mobsters everywhere are excited about this latest addition to Mafia Wars by Zynga games. Here is a Mafia Wars guide for this text based game. There are many free online multiplayer games out there, but this is one of the best online rpg games on Facebook.

Limited to players who are levels 18 and above, Mafia Wars Bangkok has whole new exciting sets of collections, weapons, types of businesses, and of course, new missions.

Some of the new Mafia Wars weapons include a Chinese army knife, thai sword, typhoon cleavers, hot tea, and a Komodo dragon. New armor in Mafia Wars Bangkok includes a silk scarf, monk robe, wrist wraps, Kowloon police uniform, and a Royal Thai army helmet, and more. Some cool new vehicles added in the Mafia Wars Facebook Bangkok game are a long boat, Kage jet, elephant, moped, and a dirt bike.

Photo: bhautikjoshi @flickr
Photo: bhautikjoshi @flickr

How to Play Mafia Wars Bangkok

Bangkok passports can be bought for 30 RP. Or try chatting it up with the clerk.

Like Mafia Wars Moscow, Mafia Wars Bangkok is broken up into episodes. Each episode ends in a battle, and then you go to the next one. Each Mafia Wars episode contains four levels of mastery.

Also like Moscow, you get to choose sides in Mafia Wars Bangkok. Pick either the Yakuza or the Triads. Each job you complete for your faction will earn you 3 respect points. You will go back -1 for the other side. Complete missions for your side, and you can get access to coveted weapons. It takes 400 'respect' points to be able to buy from the stores.

When a mission is completed in the Bangkok game version, you will get weapons and cool items to add to collections. The completed collections can be used for bonuses.

Mafia Wars Bangkok Businesses

Businesses in Mafia Wars Bangkok can be bought one time. The Bangkok businesses produce items that are stored in your warehouse to sell. You can get 4 general businesses. 2 specific businesses are available, depending on your respect level.

More About Mafia Wars Bangkok Expansion for Facebook

Mafia Wars Bangkok is different than the Moscow version in that the energy needed depends on a player's level in the game. This makes it easier for players in lower levels to be able to participate. It seems harder to get cash in Bangkok, though.

Have fun with this latest Facebook game. Can't wait for Mafia Wars Las Vegas so I can give a Mafia Wars review for it, too!

Mafia Wars Facebook Cheats Video

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