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Mafia Wars help: Secrets and Cheats

Updated on August 28, 2011

Mafia wars is one of the most exciting text based games you can play online. By using the latest in social networking technology, Mafia Wars combines the fun of an online game with the satisfaction of beating all your opponent friends and not, in a game played in real time.

How to Be a Successful Mobster in Mafia Wars

Staying on top of this game is not very easy, sometimes you might need several months to accomplish this, but with this guide you will make it happen much faster.

First thing to do is to choose the type of mobster you will be. You have three choices (mogul, fearless and maniac), but the best is definitely maniac because it gives the most energy which you will ultimately need in order to make more money and gain experience much faster. Energy is what allows your character to make a move and do the job.

While doing jobs, remember that experience is more important than money. You do not need money to access new features but you do need experience. Start with the jobs that give you the best energy to experience ratio and try to master all the jobs in order to get your energy refilled. Jobs that require the most items usually are those that pay the most.

Now let's talk about fight: you should never attack an opponent because chances are you will lose, instead wait for them to come. Invest all the abilities on defense and energy, but more on defense, and wait for the attack. Since there will be more times you are attacked than times you will actually attack, waiting will earn you more cash and experience, not to mention the fact that you will be improving and earning money while you are away.

Don’t buy properties if you can’t defend them. If you really can’t resist the temptation of attacking or robbing somebody in Mafia Wars, at least don’t go against a stronger gang or higher level opponent. It is also very important to upgrade your weapons and vehicles every time you can, as well as putting the money in the bank every time you earn it.

Finally, you should increase your Mafia family by adding more members. The bigger your Mafia, the more you can control other players even if stronger than you. That‘s because you have more weapons at your disposal to use during a fight, but be very careful though with the people you invite to your gang as they need to be very good players or else you are just recruiting people that waste your time and the time of your crew. The best friends to add are generally those who already proved their gaming experience and who are able to recruit even more from their own network.


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