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Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013: Obliterate This Challenge Solution

Updated on June 25, 2013


Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers has become an annual release on XBox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and Steam for fans of Magic. 2013 is the newest iteration of the series, and was the first time the series was released for the iPad as well. One of the popular features of the games has been a series of challenges pitting the player in a pre-designed situation that he/she must figure out how to overcome and achieve victory from the jaws of defeat. In 2013 10 new challenges await to be uncovered...

The fifth challenge is Obliterate This and has you trying to free your creatures in an attempt to survive and turn the tables.

Your opponent
Your opponent | Source

Challenge Setup

Liliana has neutralized all of your creatures with Arrest, preventing them from attacking or blocking. She's going to kill you next turn unless you can free your creatures and get rid her creatures.

Just as effective on Artifact Creatures as on regular Artifacts
Just as effective on Artifact Creatures as on regular Artifacts | Source

Your Resources


Cards in Play
2x Mountains, 2x Plains, Swamp
Flayer of the Hatebound (Enchanted by Arrest)
Oxidda Scrapmelter (Enchanted by Arrest)
Rage Nimbus (Enchanted by Arrest)
War Priest of Thune (Enchanted by Arrest)

Cards in Hand
Seize the Initiative
Undying Evil

Stops creatures cold in their tracks
Stops creatures cold in their tracks | Source

Liliana's Resources


Cards in Play
2x Plains, 8x Swamps
Lumengrid Gargoyle
Phyrexian Obliterator

Cards in Hand

Useful for removing unwanted Enchantments
Useful for removing unwanted Enchantments | Source
His special ability can cause a lot of damage
His special ability can cause a lot of damage | Source


Step 1: Cast Cloudshift on the Arrest enchanting your War Priest of Thune.

Step 2: Use War Priest of Thune's ability to remove the Arrest off of Flayer of the Hatebound

Step 3: Attack with Flayer of the Hatebound.

Step 4: Liliana will block with her Phyrexian Obliterator. Cast Seize the Iniative on Flayer of the Hatebound and Undying Evil on Oxidda Scrapmelter.

Step 5: Sacrifice Flayer of the Hatebound, Oxidda Scrapmelter, and any combination of lands (the Rage Nimbus is also a viable sacrifice target). (Note: Make sure you sacrifice the Flayer of the Hatebound first)

Step 6: Have the Flayer of Hatebound deal its damage to Liliana. Oxidda Scrapmelter should destroy the Lumengrid Gargoyle with its special ability and then deal its damage to Liliana. Liliana now has 11 health.

Step 7: Liliana will play a Swamp on her turn.

Step 8: You'll draw a Plains. Attack with everything (Flayer of the Hatebound, Oxidda Scrapmelter, War Priest of Thune) to deal 11 damage and win.


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  • profile image

    Anon 5 years ago

    Correct way is;

    Your turn: Exile Priest; free your wall. Pass turn:

    On Lilliana's turn: Provoke Obliberator with wall. Give wall first strike. Cast undying on your arrested creature without undying.

    When first strike damage is dealt to Obliberator, sacrifice both undying creatures and lands. As undying creatures return, deal damage to Lilliana and use special ability to remove Gargoyle before it deals damage (even though it's left unblocked).

    On your turn: Attack with everything.

  • profile image

    James 5 years ago

    @FalconSer. If you provoke the Phyrexian Obliviator, Liliana can attack with both Phyrexian Obliviator and Lumengrid Gargoyle and you're dead. If she attacks with only Phyrexian Obliviator, then the AI is stupid.

  • Suraph profile image

    James 5 years ago

    Thanks for the strategy FalconSer. I'll give it a try to add it as another option.

  • profile image

    FalconSer 5 years ago

    Other way is to free Rage Nimbus on first turn. In Lillianna's main phase use ability of the wall to force Phyrexian Obliviator's attack. In combat phase cast Seize the Iniative on your Rage Nimbus and Undying Evil on Oxidda Scrapmelter. After that do step 5 and further.

    In this case Lillianna should not show us she's stupid))

  • Suraph profile image

    James 5 years ago

    I agree completely. These are supposed to be about skill and cunning, not exploiting stupidity.

  • profile image

    GandalfTW 5 years ago

    This is actually a pretty stupid challenge. Why should Lillianna even block? She is at 20 life. Can take 4 damage and still have 2 creatures on her next turn to finish me off. Challenges shouldn't be about hoping the AI makes stupid moves.