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Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013: Sculpting the Perfect Warrior Challenge Solution

Updated on June 25, 2013


Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers has become an annual release on XBox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and Steam for fans of Magic. 2013 is the newest iteration of the series, and was the first time the series was released for the iPad as well. One of the popular features of the games has been a series of challenges pitting the player in a pre-designed situation that he/she must figure out how to overcome and achieve victory from the jaws of defeat. In 2013 10 new challenges await to be uncovered...

The eighth challenge is Sculpting the Perfect Warrior. It's your turn and you need to win. Your opponent has a wall of monsters in your way, but you have plenty of weapons in your arsenal.

Your opponent
Your opponent | Source

Challenge Setup

Your creatures aren't able to attack, and there's a big blocker in the way anyway. It'll take a large amount of trickery and one giant creature to take down Odric.

That Metalcraft ability will save you a lot of mana
That Metalcraft ability will save you a lot of mana | Source

Your Resources


Cards in Play
10x Plains
Germ Token
Mortarpod (Equipped to Germ Token)
Puresteel Paladin (Enchanted by Arrest)

Cards in Hand
Darksteel Axe
Phyrexian Metamorph
Sculpting Steel

Stops your Germs better than soap
Stops your Germs better than soap | Source

Odric's Resources


Cards in Play
3x Islands, 3x Plains
Basilisk Collar (Equipped to Porcelain Legionnaire)
Leonin Scimitar (Equipped to Porcelain Legionnaire)
Porcelain Legionnaire
Teferi's Moat (Set to Black)

Cards in Hand

A very versatile little card
A very versatile little card | Source
Great for dealing some direct damage
Great for dealing some direct damage | Source

Challenge Solution

Step 1: Cast Sculpting Steel targeting Batterskull. A Germ will be created with the new Batterskull equipped. Draw a card from Puresteel Paladin's ability, it'll be Sword of Feast and Famine.

Step 2: Equip the original Batterskull using the Equip 0 (not Equip 5) option to the Germ with Mortarpod equipped. (You will always use the Equip 0 option for each piece of equipment, otherwise you'll run out of mana)

Step 3: Sacrifice the Germ to Mortarpod's ability, dealing 1 damage to Porcelain Legionnaire and you gain 1 life.

Step 4: Equip the Mortarpod to the new Germ

Step 5: Sacrifice the Germ to Mortarpod's ability, dealing 1 damage to Porcelain Legionnaire, killing it, and you gain 1 life.

Step 6: Play Phyrexian Metamorph as a copy of Puresteel Paladin

Step 7: Play Darksteel Axe, drawing two cards from the Puresteel Paladins. You'll get a Sword of Body and Mind and Mind Control.

Step 8: Play Sword of Feast and Famine, drawing two cards from the Puresteel Paladins. You'll get an Island and an Icy Manipulator.

Step 9: Equip both Batterskulls, Sword of Feast and Famine, Darksteel Axe and Necropouncer to the new Puresteel Paladin. He is now a 17/13 with a lot of special abilities.

Step 10: Attack with Puresteel Paladin, reducing Odric to 3 life. All of your lands will untap thanks to the Sword of Feast and Famine

Step 11: Play the Island

Step 12: Play Repulse on your original Puresteel Paladin. You'll draw another Island.

Step 13: Recast the Puresteel Paladin

Step 14: Find your Sculpting Steel (it'll be a Batterskull with an icon of overlapping cards on it equipped to the other Puresteel Paladin) and use its special ability to return it to your hand.

Step 15: Recast Sculpting Steel, copying Mortarpod. It'll come into play equipped to a new Germ. Draw a plains and a Necropouncer.

Step 16: Sacrifice the Germ using Mortarpod's ability, targeting Odric taking him down to 2 life.

Step 17: Equip Mortarpod to a Puresteel Paladin and sacrifice the Puresteel Paladin, targeting Odric taking him to 1 life.

Step 18: Equip Mortarpod to the second Puresteel Paladin and sacrifice the Puresteel Paladin targeting Odric, killing him.


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  • profile image

    stupid challenge 4 years ago

    Seems pretty stupid to me that they put this challenge into a game where no other cards share the abilities of these cards. How is a player supposed to know that a germ will enter the battlefield when you play the copy of the artifacts? How is a player supposed to know that the cost of the Phyrexian is a life symbol? The more info button revealed nothing helpful on either of these points and being an old school second edition player, and even based on any other new card in the entire game of MTG 2013 there is no clue or hint as to the mechanics in this challenge. So, basically it just becomes endless trial and error until you hit the right path. It's only a challenge if you test the player's knowledge and critical thinking ability. If there is no prior knowledge of game mechanics it's pointless. Go ask the average 6th grader to take a pop quiz in calculus and see how he fares. STUPID CHALLENGE.

  • profile image

    pass 4 years ago

    and i sill don't know why i need 2 life to cast Phyrexian Metamorph?

  • profile image

    pass 4 years ago

    but why i will gain 1 life?

  • profile image

    Dave 4 years ago

    Nevermind, actually read the puresteel paladin affix. Thnx anyway. :)

  • profile image

    Dave 4 years ago

    What does the "Equip 0" under the "Equip 5" mean? It's really confusing and i can't figure out why anyone would pay 5 mana to equip a card that you can equip for free. It's also not printed on the real card so i'm just wondering what rule i'm missing. Email me the answer please since i probably wont check this thread.

  • profile image

    Rlee 5 years ago

    Found the problem with the ipad version, phrexian metamorh doesn't say pay with blue or life, and this is a new ability to me and obviously some others signified by the odd mana symbol

  • profile image

    damac3 5 years ago

    Nevermind, scrolling down on the iPad works. It was confusing because you could see Equip 0, but there was no "Activate Ability" next to it.

  • profile image

    damac3 5 years ago

    I'm also on the iPad. For some reason the 'Equip 0' option doesn't show up for Batterskull in Step 2. It should since there are 4 Artifacts under my control - Batterskull, Batterskull copy, Necropouncer, & Mortarpod. If Equip 0 doesn't show up, I can't cast Phyrexian Metamorph in step 6.

  • profile image

    Pedro Carvalho 5 years ago

    I would never guess that step 14 would return the Sculpting Steel and not a copy of the Batterskull. Thank you so much!

    P.S. - I'm on the iPad and the steps work fine for me

  • profile image

    IA 5 years ago

    You are losing because you forgot to ensure that both germs had lifelink when you sacrificed them, which is why you don't have enough life to cast phyrexian

  • Suraph profile image

    James 5 years ago

    Are you equipping the weapons using the regular mana cost of the equipment, or using the 0 casting cost alternative (it's on the bottom of the card, may need to scroll down)

    (Just noticed I didn't include that info in the process, adding it in now)

  • profile image

    Matt 5 years ago

    Same here Bryan, iPad version automatically saying I lose as I cast the metamorph

  • profile image

    bryan 5 years ago

    hello i tried it and followed step 1 to 6 but every time i play phrexian metamorph it will automatically announced that i failed. im using an ipad verssion thank you, i tried every possible thing that i think i know but still i cannot win.

  • profile image

    elgee 5 years ago

    Teferi's Moat was set to "Black" so creatures that you control are black cannot attack the opponent, that's why your germ token can't attack (which is one of the constraints of the challenge).

  • profile image

    Eric 5 years ago

    So I did it a different way or I tried. I made 2 copies of Batterskull (one with the Sculpting Steel and Phyrexian Metamorph) and equipped it all to a germ (after sacing the first two to the Legionaire) but after equipping everything, even the Necropouncer, it was a 19/15 but it wouldn't let me attack even with haste. But if the game wasn't being stupid, I would have equipped the mortarpod after attacking and sacing my germ or my puresteel.

    (In total I had on the last germ (3 Batterskulls (+4/+4), 1 Necropouncer (+3/+1), Darksteel Axe (+2/+1) and Sword of Feast and Famine (+2/+2). That equals 19/15 with Haste, Vigilance, Lifelink and what-not)